The Capitol Police have been fully weaponized against Republicans

If you visited D.C. in the days before COVID and January 6 madness, and wandered around (or got permission to go into) the Capitol, you saw Capitol Police officers on duty.  They were doing pretty much what all police officers do, which is to stand guard at vulnerable spots, making sure no one did anything naughty (e.g., graffiti) or downright dangerous (e.g., gun or knife attacks).  However, beginning with January 6, 2021, it became apparent that Nancy Pelosi's Capitol Police officers have a different mandate: defend the Democrat party hold on power.

On January 6, the Capitol Police failed to protect the Capitol.  We know this because Capitol Police chief Steven Sund, after being fired on January 7, 2021, explained that he had requested backup from the National Guard, which never arrived, and that his people just weren't ready.  Trump stated that he had requested that 10,000 National Guard troops be deployed to the Capitol before January 6 to provide protection for his rally.  According to him, congressional leaders said no.  What really happened remains a mystery despite the "investigation" by the January 6 Committee.  You'd think they would have figured that one out.

Also bizarrely, on January 6, someone (the Capitol Police?) opened from the inside the Capitol's 20,000-pound doors, which are secured by powerful magnetic locks.  We then saw footage of the same Capitol Police graciously welcoming people inside, which led many innocents to believe they had the perfect right to be inside the People's House.

For those of us (like me), who think January 6 was an entrapment scheme, it would appear that the Capitol Police were part of the plan.

Image: Capitol police officers.  YouTube screen grab.

And if you're inclined to distrust the Capitol Police, you're not going to like hearing what happened last November to Congressman Troy Nehls, a Republican from Texas who has locked horns with Nancy Pelosi.  According to him, the Capitol police entered his office illegally and took pictures of confidential information on his desk:

Congressman Nehls's newly revealed claim about an intrusion into his office follows on the heels of assertions that the Capitol Police have been spying on congressmen, their staff, and anyone who comes to their offices.  Then there's the fact that the Capitol Police are no longer confined to the Capitol but are, instead, setting up offices near San Francisco and somewhere in Florida.

I hold no brief for the FBI, but it would seem to me that it's the FBI's job to determine whether there are threats against Congress.  The Capitol Police are supposed to be only the muscle on the Hill.

Because it appears that, under Nancy Pelosi's supervision, the Capitol Police are getting way too big for their britches, their inspector general has opened a formal investigation into their spying on congresspeople, staff, and visitors:

USCP Chief J. Thomas Manger confirmed the opening of the inspector general investigation in his response to congressional inquiries about USCP police tactics, reported in a January 24 article published by Politico, including surveilling and compiling intelligence dossiers on members of Congress, their staff, and visitors.

"While I am confident in our methods, I am asking the USCP Office of the Inspector General to review the USCP's programs related to these security assessments to assure both this Committee, the Congress as a whole, and the public that these processes are legal, necessary, and appropriate," Manger wrote to seven Republican lawmakers.

According to the Politico article, USCP analysts had been directed by Julie Farnam, the acting director of USCP's Intelligence and Interagency Coordination Division, to "run 'background checks on people whom lawmakers planned to meet, including donors and associates."

Manger doesn't seem to be denying the charges so much as he is claiming that the Capitol Police's surveillance conduct was entirely appropriate.  The spying in Congressman Nehls's office is just one of the matters being investigated.

I know I'm cynical, but I assume that this investigation will be a whitewash.  A wrist or two might be slapped with a wet noodle, but the main call will be to protect the institution's pro–Democrat party mission.

It's clear that innumerable (all?) federal agencies have become ideological, policing, or fundraising arms of the Democrat party.  The big question is what happens when (if?) the Republicans retake Congress.  (I say "if" because I'm not sure elections will be any more honest in 2022 than they were in 2020.)

One of the things we learned during the Trump years is that the employees in the various federal agencies were so loyal to the Democrat party that nothing would sway them.  Is the same true for the Capitol Police?  Once Nancy Pelosi is no longer calling the shots, will they begin to do their job policing the Capitol, or will they continue to act as partisans who believe that their mission is to ensure that Washington, D.C. is a one-party town, no matter what the American voters want? 

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