Stacey Abrams beclowns herself with mask hypocrisy and race card desperation

It began when Democrat "star" and Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams retweeted photos of herself visiting a primary school in Atlanta.  The photo was initially tweeted by the principal of that school.

She gushed over the photos with a caption: "Spending time with Glennwood's amazing students, faculty and staff ranks as spectacular, delightful and outstanding. Thank you for having me"

The photos swiftly went viral and Abrams was the recipient of a considerable backlash.

The reason was that Abrams, a fanatical proponent of COVID-19 mask mandates, was not wearing a mask herself as she posed surrounded by masked young school children.


A few other photos emerged that showed Abrams bare-faced while the school staff and children were masked.

But instead of issuing an apology and a pledge to practice what she preaches, an attempt at a cover-up ensued.

Abrams deleted her quote-tweet, and so did the school principal.  But that did little to improve her situation.

Then Abrams did what most Democrats do at the drop of a hat: she played the race card.

The following statement was posted on her Instagram page: "It is shameful that our opponents are using a Black History Month reading event for Georgia children as the impetus for a false political attack. "

There's an old saying: "when you are in a pit, you stop digging."

No such luck for Abrams.

Her campaign manager, Lauren Groh-Wargo, attempted to defend her boss with a claim that Abrams "wore a mask to the event, and removed it at the podium so she could be heard by students watching remotely and for photos, but only with folks who were masked."

This was a blatant lie and deceived nobody.

In the age of social media, politics is all about appearances.

Abrams's advisers should have asked her to be masked, at least for the photos.  Following the outrage, Abrams's advisers should have told her that in the age of social media, nothing can be totally erased; hence, a sincere apology would have served her better.

It is perplexing that such obvious mistakes occur in a modern campaign.

Perhaps the self-righteous Abrams and her team think they can never err.  Maybe they think the rules don't apply to them.  Perhaps her advisers are sycophants who hesitate to state unpleasant truths because they know that, like most Democrats, Abrams abhors hearing contrarian perspectives.

Since Abrams claims to stand for science, she should read a recent study by York University in the U.K. that states that masks make it difficult for children to recognize faces and could cause psychological problems that affect their ability to socialize and make friends.

Also, prolonged wearing of COVID-19 masks can cause respiratory problems because the individual ends up inhaling his own exhalations, causing a reduction in the oxygen intake and a build-up of carbon dioxide levels in the body.

Abrams hence joins the ignominious ranks of hypocrites such as L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti, who posed for a photo with Magic Johnson bare-faced; AOC, who was photographed maskless both as she partied in Florida and at the 2021 NYC MET Gala where the staff was masked; Gov. Newsom, who violated the very COVID rules that he has imposed on Californians to dine with friends at a fancy restaurant in the Napa Valley, and Barack Obama who was caught bare-faced surrounded by masked construction workers at the site of his Hawaii mansion.

These dual standards intensify the skepticism relating to COVID-19 mandates about the masks and the vaccines and make people wonder if it is an excuse to grab more power.

This has also created a new and more blatant class divide.  The "powerful" place themselves above the laws they make for citizens.  Citizens run the risk of being fired or fined or reprimanded by authorities or even jailed (in Singapore) merely for showing their bare face.

The Democrats spend their every breathing minute bloviating about their concern for the working class and the persecuted minorities, yet it is they who are leading this new and almost systemic discriminatory practice.

Also, this Democrat instinct of playing the race card to shut down their opponents has resulted in the trivialization of bigotry.  The charge of racism is no longer taken seriously.  People are skeptical when they learn about race-based hate crimes in the news.  People are desensitized because if everything is racism, nothing is.  The beneficiaries of these overstatements and fabrications are real bigots.

How unfortunate that this is occurring during Black History Month.

It has to be remembered that Stacey Abrams's path to "stardom" began with her refusal to concede when she lost the 2018 Georgia governor's race to Republican candidate Brian Kemp.

Abrams rose to bigger "stardom" when she founded two nonprofits called "Fair Count" and "Fair Fight Action" that registered an estimated 800,000 new voters, with a focus on minority voters.  Perhaps this was implicit coercion to vote for Biden?

It enabled Abrams to be among the black female candidates considered for the position of Biden's running mate.  Abrams made a case for herself, rather immodestly claiming she had "the experience and temperament needed to be successful in the role." 

In the end, Biden chose Kamala Harris, whose ineptitude and constant verbal gaffes make Biden look like the smart and energetic one.  Had he chosen the aggressive and publicity-hungry Abrams, efforts to unseat him via the 25th Amendment would already be underway.

Hopefully, the voters in Georgia will see through all the charades and vote wisely.

Also, if any good comes out of this disgraceful display by Abrams, it should lead the powers that be in Georgia to liberate the state's schoolchildren from their suffocating masks.

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