So the Washington Post wants America to have more babies all of a sudden...

They support abortion on demand, which kills over 600,000 babies each year. 

They support policies that push the unproven conspiracy that there are too many people, that people are destroying the Earth, and that if we don't destroy our quality of life by getting rid of fossil fuels, then we only have a few years left.

That's the Washington Post in its latest argument.

The U.S needs more immigrants-more babies.

Why would people want to bring more children into this world when they are sent this message?

They support policies where schools have been locked down, where children are required to wear masks, and where sports are canceled.  These policies were never based on scientific evidence, and they have caused immeasurable mental, physical, and financial damage to children and their families.

How many of these young people have committed suicide because of edicts that have restricted their social activity?  Why would people want to have more children when power-hungry politicians, supported by people pretending to be journalists, can just close schools, daycare centers, or anything else with the stroke of a pen?

They support politicians from throughout the country who refuse to enforce immigration laws.  This absence of enforcement allows huge amounts of dangerous drugs to flow into the country.  These drugs then kill a lot of young people who might produce and support children. 

They continue to support great society and anti-poverty programs that have caused the breakup of the family for over fifty years, therefore relegating many generations to endless poverty.  Now they want more socialist policies, which make more people dependent on the government.  Why would people want more children if they were just going to be dependent on the government to survive?  If they truly want more children to thrive, they should have supported Trump policies, which lowered poverty to record low levels and which were lifting everyone up, instead of seeking to destroy Trump every day with fake stories.  Capitalism lifts people up.  Socialism holds people down.

They support politicians who encourage and allow males to compete against females and to expose themselves in girls' facilities.  Why would we want to have more girls to relegate them to second-class status?

They have supported leftist D.A.s who send dangerous criminals on the streets to kill and maim people, especially people of the age who could bear children. 

They continually indoctrinate the public with the message that the U.S. has been a systemically racist country for four hundred years.  Why would people, whom Democrats now refer to as birthing people instead of mothers, want to bring more children into the U.S. when, according to Democrats, including most journalists, it has always been a rotten country?

So I will believe that the Washington Post truly wants more children in the U.S. when it changes the people it supports for public office.  Otherwise, they are just changing talking points. 

A party that uses the term "birthing people," supports killing babies at all stages of development, forces children to wear masks, supports males destroying females in sports, and seeks to destroy the fossil fuel industry without scientific data to support the destruction should stop calling itself the party of science.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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