Senator Rick Scott's promising 11-Point Plan to drain the swamp and fulfill the MAGA agenda

Sen. Rick Scott, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), released an 11-point agenda for Republicans on Tuesday morning.  The plan was proposed in his personal capacity from his own campaign.

If the polls are any indication, it increasingly appears that the Republicans will retake control of both the Senate and the House during the midterms.

Scott's plan certainly looks promising.  It follows the MAGA agenda and even has a plan to drain the Washington swamp.

It refers to the need for controlling national debt that, for the first time in the history of the U.S., exceeds $30 trillion due to gratuitous spending of taxpayers' dollars on pursuits that help only the Washington power brokers.  It refers to the desperate need to control inflation.

It addresses the importance of freedom of expression and the dire need to confront the woke mob who want to indoctrinate everyone from young children to armed forces personnel.

It addresses the importance of equality and proposes ending any reference to ethnicity on government forms.

It calls on schools to encourage children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, stand for the National Anthem, and honor the American flag on a daily basis.  It also urges schools to include lessons about American greatness in their curricula.

The plan also takes a pro-life position, stating that "unborn babies are babies."

There is mention of the crisis on the southern border and the need to complete the border wall and name it after President Donald Trump.  The plan calls on the GOP to "strip all federal funding from 'sanctuary cities' and prosecute elected officials who flout our immigration laws." 

The plan emphasizes the need to combat the drug crisis and fight the crime wave that is plaguing the nation.  It refers to the need to halt the vaccine mandate.  It calls for the enacting of national voter ID laws to combat rampant electoral fraud.

It denounces the Biden administration for the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, which has left that region unstable and harmed the U.S.'s reputation.

The plan commendably declares the obvious, which is controversial with woke Democrats, that there are just two sexes.

To sum it up, the focus is on all matters relevant to regular Americans, irrespective of ideology or party.  It appears that Scott's team is listening to regular people and their problems.

The plan will appeal to most GOP voters.  It will also be liked by working-class Democrat voters who are irked that their party no longer cares for them and has been hijacked by the self-righteous, hypocritical Washington elite.

A key portion of the plan that has largely been ignored is as follows:

It calls for needs for "term limits for the Washington ruling class — 12-year limits for Congress and government bureaucrats," noting there should be "exceptions for national security reasons only."

This section of the plan also wants to "forbid politicians from becoming lobbyists" and make it so "no government employee can make more than 5 times the national median individual income."

It also calls for the elimination of "federal programs that can be done locally."  It also recommends that government agencies be moved out of "Washington and into the real world."

This portion of the plan also calls for all government bids and contracts "to be publicly available on the internet."

It mentions "selling off all non-essential government assets, buildings, and land, and use the proceeds to pay our national debt."

Finally, it refers to barring "federal government from using your tax dollars for advertising campaigns."

To sum it up, this is a high-level plan to dismantle the Democrat Washington establishment that has become a self-serving, self-preserving, self-promoting, and self-centered cabal.  President Trump presented a similar plan to drain the swamp back in 2015.

The Democrat Washington Establishment is the root cause of most problems in the U.S.

They have shipped working-class jobs overseas.  They have mandated lockdowns that have destroyed lives socially and economically.  They also find innovative ways to enrich themselves via legalized corruption.  They manipulate the boundaries of their electoral constituency to remain in power forever.  To sustain their power, they brand their political opponents as racists and domestic terrorists.  While the national borders remain open, they focus on securing the border of foreign nations as an excuse to enter into optional wars so their arms dealer allies can earn millions.

We are living in times when it is nothing short of courageous for a senator, especially a Republican, to release a plan that benefits regular people.  This will at least start a conversation.

Because it takes on the Democrat Washington Establishment, Scott will be the recipient of intense wrath from the Democrats and even members of his own party.

His plan will be called far-right, racist, sexist, transphobic, and promotion of White supremacy.  There may be some panelists on MSNBC who will claim that the author of these points was none other than Vladimir Putin.

Hopefully, Scott will not be even slightly affected by this and will remain steadfast.

Official Senate portrait.

The Washington Democrat establishment has grown into an evil empire after decades of growth and fortification.  They will place all impediments before those such as Scott attempting even the slightest of changes that diminish their power and shrink their ill-gotten profit from the gravy train.

Scott has to remember that the Russia Collusion hoax was concocted because President Trump had triumphed in the 2016 election despite opposition from the establishment.

Releasing the plan on a public platform is an astute move by Scott.

In the coming days, it would make sense for Sen. Scott to release catchy and consumable brief videos on every social media platform available that succinctly cover all the points of his plan.  It may also help if Scott can develop a précis of all his points that will fit on one page that can be circulated among people as pamphlets.  This would be the only way to mainstream it and make it go viral.

Scott must also build a coalition of lawmakers in the Senate and the House.  This must include those running for elections and primary challengers.  This may involve some revisions and alterations, but it will be worth the effort.

This will place pressure on the GOP leadership that includes Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and House minority leader Kevin McCarthy to include them in the manifesto.

If the GOP adopts this plan, it will almost certainly be a triumph.  If the GOP implements even part of this plan, especially the parts that attempt to challenge the monopoly of the Washington Establishment, Republicans will be guaranteed electoral victories for a long time.  It will also bolster Rick Scott's image as a potential candidate for leadership in the near future.

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