Prime Minister Trudeau: How low can you go?

From the first day of the truckers' protest in Canada, Justin Trudeau's response has been that of a narcissistic, petulant teenage boy.  His first instinct was to hide.  Then he refused to speak with the truckers or to acknowledge that their grievances had legitimacy.  After that, he launched baseless ad hominem attacks against them.  Next, he declared himself a dictator.  And if you thought that was rock bottom, think again.  His latest act was to use words that effectively called a Jewish member of Parliament a Nazi and to refuse to apologize for having done so.  I didn't think anyone could look worse than Biden, but Trudeau has finally managed to achieve that loathsome goal.

Melissa Lantsman, despite her funky, edgy haircut, is a conservative member of Canada's Parliament.  She is also a descendent of Holocaust survivors.  She understands perfectly well who and what a true Nazi is.  On Wednesday, she stood up in Canada's Parliament and defended the truckers engaged in a peaceful protest in favor of relief from unscientific, despotic government mandates regarding experimental vaccines.

A visibly shaking, angry Trudeau (who is not used to opposition) replied by effectively accusing her of being a Nazi: "Conservative Party members can stand with people who wave swastikas; they can stand with people who wave the Confederate flag."  Aside from being false (there has been no racism and no White supremacy from the truckers), it was an appalling thing to say to a Jewish woman:

Trudeau then doubled down on the offense by refusing to apologize.  After all, he could have said, "I'm very sorry I accused you of standing with Nazis.  I shouldn't have said that but I still maintain that...blah, blah, blah, substantive points."  But he wouldn't do that.  Instead, like a petulant teenager (which he strongly resembles), he stuck to his false little guns:

Dane Lloyd, an MP for Sturgeon River in Alberta, accused Trudeau of making 'shameful and dishonorable' remarks.

He added: 'For the prime minister to accuse any colleague in this house of standing with the swastika is shameful.'

Lloyd called on Trudeau to 'unreservedly apologize' — and Trudeau refused.

He countered: 'Canadians deserve their freedoms back.

'These illegal blockades that continue to interfere with people's daily lives.'

Amid the catcalls, the Speaker intervened to 'ask everybody to calm down'.

Trudeau continued: 'The measure put forward are proportionate, responsible and completely folded into charter of freedoms. These steps are proportionate.'

Lloyd replied that the 'lack of apology speaks volumes' and urged Trudeau again to apologize.

Trudeau said: 'These members continue to stand with illegal blockades. Canadians are watching carefully and ... we will stand will stand on the side of Canadians who want their livelihoods back.'

For a third time, Lloyd demanded: 'Mr Prime Minister, apologize.'

And Trudeau said: 'These illegal blockades have been going on in Ottawa for 20 days now.

'People are made to feel fearful, miss shifts at their work, these are things that cannot be stood for.

'That's why we are moving forward with measures. We continue to defend freedom of expression, freedom to protest, as long as they are peaceful.'

Consider, too, the irony of Trudeau claiming that he had to become a dictator because "Canadians deserve their freedoms back [and] these illegal blockages ... continue to interfere with people's daily lives."  It's been Trudeau's conduct for two years that has deprived people of normal lives, totally destroying their freedom to work, travel freely, shop, worship, and protect their bodily integrity.

Image: Melissa Lantsman (edited).  Rumble screen grab.

Lantsman, for her part, called out Trudeau's vile comment and asked for an apology:

What's very clear is that Trudeau, who has continuously insisted that he is Mr. Compassion, sensitive to the emotional needs of his people, was faking it all along.  He's a small, self-centered man deeply in love with power.  He's also very shaken because he assumed that everybody viewed him as he views himself.  Currently, he is a rat who's cornered, but people would be wise to remember that, when cornered, rats are at their most dangerous.

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