Pelosi's Watergate

There has been much written lately about the similarity of Watergate and Special Counsel John Durham's revelations about the Clinton campaign and others spying on Donald Trump, both as a candidate and a sitting president.

There is also the entry into the offices of Rep. Troy Nehls by the Capitol Police.  They are under the control of Nancy Pelosi, of whom Rep. Nehls has been critical regarding her so-called J-6 investigation.

The Capitol Police allegedly entered the congressman's office without his knowledge or permission and photographed sensitive documents.  They then allegedly returned a few days later dressed as construction workers and began grilling a staffer about the contents of the illegally photographed documents.  This, of course, rivals Watergate, but it may also open the door for a means of bringing these Gestapo tactics before the public, where they belong.  The actions of the Capitol Police may well have violated the rights protected under the provisions of 42 USC §1983.  It is also conceivable that the civil provisions of the RICO Act could have been triggered.  Filing under the civil provisions of the RICO statutes would not involve the DoJ, which is highly unlikely to prosecute the criminal aspects.

The filing of a civil action in federal court under this code section would entitle the plaintiffs to discovery procedures under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  Written interrogatories and requests for the production of documents and depositions could be the sunbeam into this mess.  It might force someone to assert Fifth Amendment privilege, which could be difficult to explain in the court of public opinion.  Surely, there is surveillance video of a congressman's offices, especially after hours.  Who controls these, and where are they?  Are any "missing"?  With an unbiased judge, the defendants should be forced to answer the discovery without hiding behind technicalities.

There are reports that other GOP representatives have experienced similar incursions.  If so, they, too, could either file their own actions or join together.  Further, the filing of similar litigation regarding the conduct revealed by the Durham investigation might provide even more information for the public to consider.  Durham has likely gathered most of what is out there, but he is surely holding back the worst of it for trial.  They would, however, need to be cautious so as not to compromise Durham's work.

Were it not for a dishonest and totally biased MSM, the call for investigations, incarcerations, and resignations would be plastered all over the news.  We don't have to imagine what the press would have done had it been President Trump doing the spying because the press swallowed the lies about Trump and Russia and ran them for over a year.  Even though that link has been debunked, few MSM agencies have had the journalistic integrity to correct their previous claims.  Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the silence is deafening.  This story makes Watergate look like child's play.  Where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins of today?

Image: Lorie Shaull.

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