Ukraine: The left spews an amazing banquet of stupidities

As had been said in the aftermath of 9/11: ' The world has changed.'

And much of the left's response?  To just keep on living in the pre-02-22-22 world where they'd felt so comfortable in their cocoons.  For a lot of them, Russia's 17th century–style conquest of the modern sovereign state of Ukraine goes way beyond their processing capacities. 

We see statements and stunts like the following from the left as news comes out about Russia's bloody and violent takeover attack.

John Kerry was Exhibit A, having made headlines with his obsessive focus on global warming even as apartment blocs were being blown out in Kharkiv, improvised militiamen were kissing their wives and children goodbye at train stations, Ukrainians were running to the subways for protection against raining missiles and bombs, and long lines of cars streamed from huge cities, heading for any bordering country that would take them.

For Kerry, though, global warming still comes first:

AT deputy editor Andrea Widburg has a fine take here.

What planet this guy lives on as he can make a statement like that remains an open question. 

He was far from alone.  Other leftists with no grasp of what is happening made sure they, too, opened their mouths just to show us the empty contents of their entire heads. 

They could be found elsewhere in the Biden administration:

They could easily be found in the chattering classes.  Libs of TikTok curated six doozies:

Even in their supposedly serious media's priorities:

Don't forget Hollywood:

At least McCord means well, even if she has no idea how the world works.  Plenty of the others do not.  But all of these people have influence — and instead of spreading knowledge, they're spreading stupidity.

The reality of a nuclear-tipped power launching an unprovoked attack on another sovereign state doesn't process.  Masks, global warming, pronouns, vaccination rates, white privilege, mothering history all are more important to the left than the hard reality of a violent map-changing sovereign invasion.  There's just the dangly wretched bid to make sense of things by bringing up vaccination rates or white supremacy.  They can't recognize anything else.

It reminds me of the boobs in that 1996 movie Independence Day, who, when greeted by hostile ships from outer space in midtown New York City, started a Times Square-style party to "welcome" the aliens.  The aliens zapped the revelers on the spot with one laser shot, killing them all.

In many ways, it makes sense.  Here are some retrospective activities, courtesy of the left, that must have helped convince Putin he had nothing to worry about from the States.  This is the world they lived in, and still live in:

These clowns had better hope they never run into Putin, who is operating on an entirely different track from the one they occupy.  They'd get mowed down and run over.  Putin has nothing but contempt for their decadent preoccupations and knows how to shock and awe them into gibbering idiocy.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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