Oh, the words that come to mind from the 'mean construction Obama' photo

It's true: a picture is worth a thousand words.  When I saw the photo of former President Obama, standing, arms folded, at the construction site of his seaside Hawaiian mansion, quite a few words came to my mind.

Sadly, some of them can't be printed here.  But I'll share some of the ones that can.

"Narcissist" — Having won the Democrat nomination for President, Barack Obama told his audience and the world, "This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal."  It wasn't enough for the Lightbringer to "fundamentally transform" America — no, Barry was going to save the entire planet!

This luxurious mansion under construction in Hawaii is Obama's third that I'm aware of, and second oceanfront property!  There are only possibilities here.  Obama either thinks he actually did calm the oceans, or he knew all along that climate change is merely a useful device for controlling the naïve, the neurotic, the weak-minded.

Democrat voters, in other words.

"Hypocrite" — Obama used to rail against capitalists and the wealthy, saying sarcastically, "I do think, at some point, you've made enough money!"  Well, Barry and the missus certainly have, and they show no signs of stopping.  Not only will the Obamas probably become billionaires, if they're not already, but the unfinished mansion in the photo will become their third (second oceanfront!).

"Race-baiter" — When Obama was elected, many thought it heralded the end of racism in America.  But our first black president managed to convince blacks they were being held back by deeply ingrained U.S. racism, whether they knew it or not, and whites that they were the oppressors, whether they knew it or not.  As a result, racial bean-counting became a powerful tool and a lucrative business.

Let's look at that photo again.  There are four obvious construction workers around the president, and they're all, gasp, white!  Where's the diversity, Barry?  Or did you hire those guys just because you heard they were good at what they do?

"Phony" — St. Barack of Chi-town was many things to leftists, Democrats, and their media lackeys.  He was variously described as calm, kind, caring, Zen-like, understanding, and warm.

Check out the photo in question again and notice the obvious anger on Obama's face.  He's furious and making no effort to hide it, plus the folded-arm trick is one bullies have used forever to express their superiority and unhappiness.

And look at the four workers!  They've clearly just had their posteriors handed to them.  Two men have their arms folded in front while leaning back in fear.  One guy's slightly braver, arms folded in back and staring straight out at the ocean, perhaps.  And the biggest guy is skulking away, head down, a beaten dog.

Someone should ask those working stiffs just how caring, warm, and understanding their famous client actually is.  I certainly remember how he treated Republicans.

"Elitist" — Democrats are the mask police.  Question wearing a mostly useless product, incorrectly half the time, and you're deemed nothing short of a domestic terrorist, a spreader of misinformation.  Democrats, hypochondriacs, the weak-stream media, and self-important lawn gnomes like Tony Fauci all say put on a G-D mask before you kill someone!

Back to the photo.  Who's the only one not wearing a face mask?

 That's right: The One.  Barry doesn't need no stinkin' mask; he knows that much of the Big Government response to COVID-19 was intended merely to intimidate and subdue the masses.  See change, climate.

Obama's clearly unafraid of the Wuhan Flu but likes those who serve him to be masked.  It's a class thing.  Those four schmoes are beneath the former president and hence must cover their pie-holes.  Barry, as befitting his celebrity status, needn't bother.

"Fashion disaster" — I know that's two words, but seriously, who dresses Barack Obama?  He's a gazillionaire whom designers would gladly gift any of their clothes, and he dresses like me!

Crappy, low-top sneaks: check.

Wrinkled, saggy mom jeans: check.

Cheap-looking, monochromatic, probably polyester shirt: check.

Barry, bubeleh, you dress like an old, retired dentist!  Hire a personal dresser already.  God knows you got the coin.

There's just not enough space for all the words that iconic, revealing photo of our 44th president brings to mind.  Narcissist, hypocrite, race-baiter, phony, elitist, and fashion disaster will have to suffice.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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