Not a good time for the media

President Trump often says the media are the enemy of the people.  I don't agree with him, but the media do have some issues.  This is from a recent I&L/TPP poll:

As the U.S. enters an election year, the media appear to have lost control of the political narrative, with near-record levels of mistrust.

In a separate special survey, I&I/TIPP asked respondents: "Which of the following descriptions accurately describe the traditional or established news media?" They were then given 14 possible answers and asked to select only three.

In descending order of mentions, poll respondents described the big media as: "biased" (22%), "responsible" (19%), "fair" (16%), "honest" (16%), "fake news" (15%), "dishonest" (15%), "liberal" (15%), "balanced" (14%), "irresponsible" (13%), "Democrats' allies" (12%), "adheres to high standards of journalism" (12%), "divisive" (12%), "single-minded" (10%), and "unbiased" (9%). 14% of respondents could not answer the question.

Not exactly the kind of reference you are looking for.

Maybe it's me, but it seems that everything hit bottom during the Trump presidency.  The media's hysterical obsession turned CNN, for example, into a 24/7 panel about Trump.  Even the sports networks, such as ESPN, couldn't resist talking about the president.

COVID coverage did not help, either.  Once again, the media's obsession with blaming everything on Trump allowed Biden to hide in his basement and present a narrative about COVID that was never challenged.  Naturally, the narrative fell apart in less than a year.

Where do the media go from here?  I am not sure, but I can't see many of these networks or journalists gaining their credibility back anytime soon.

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Image: Christopher Andrews.

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