Large groups of illegal aliens entering through Kinney County, Texas

Exceptionally organized large groups of illegal aliens are entering the United States through Kinney County, Texas, according to InVest USA CEO Michael Letts. One of the first to decry the FBI’s initial outrageous characterization of the January 2022 hostage crisis at a Texas Synagogue as “not specifically related to the Jewish community,” Letts reminds Americans that we have a clear and present danger on our border.

Stated Letts, “Members of drug cartels and Islamicist terrorists frequently ‘blend in’ with other illegal aliens in their northward march into the ‘land of milk and honey, a.k.a. taxpayer-funded welfare to newly-minted Democrats. Yet, tragically, our Marxist-minded Leftist leaders look the other way -- to the 2024 elections, pushing for new ways for these illegals to get away with voting to keep in these unholy leaders. This treasonous alliance needs to halt now.”

Police officer Letts is now standing in solidarity with Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe to sound the alarm that our southern border needs to be secured.

As reported by the Epoch Times, authorities in Texas do not see this illegal immigration slowing down, and they are greatly concerned about drug smugglers embedded within this migration train.

Michael Letts and other representatives of InVest USA recently visited the border of Texas with Mexico to talk with frustrated U.S. ranchers who are tired of illegals marching across their land to wreak havoc in the United States. Said Letts, “We saw deputies and officers without Active Shooter vests to protect themselves against well-armed cartels, thus lacking the ability to stop this assault and invasion on America effectively.”

InVest recently donated five Active Shooter Vests to Sheriff’s Departments and multiple municipal police departments to, as he said, “to protect those who protect us.”

Kinney County, Texas sheriff Brad Coe reports large groups of Illegal immigrants crossing in his county recently that Letts says pose a clear and present danger to U.S. citizens.

“We at InVestUSA know all too well the danger Sheriff Brad Coe’s Department is facing. However, we applaud the heroic actions taken by Sheriff Coe and his deputies and staff in their effort to keep America safe. They are true American heroes, who defend our liberties, mitigating the carnage caused by the drug and trafficking cartels that are assaulting our country.”

InVest USA reports that Drug and Human trafficking in this area of Texas are up 1,379% from last year, as 2022 begins. Said Letts, “The threat is real and of the highest priority as these Drug and Human trafficking cartels launch an assault and war on innocent civilians and young people.” 

According to Letts, one tactic drug cartels employ is to use small groups to distract and divert law enforcement. While U.S. border agents are spread thin, the cartel networks traffic drugs that destroy America’s citizens.

Come to think of it, isn’t this the same tactic the Left uses to continually keep the Right on the defensive so that they have virtually no time left to advance anything that is good or decent or edifying? Sadly, the Left continues to call good evil and evil good. For now, they are getting away with it.

Jerry Bruce is a freelance writer whose interests include showcasing issues that make a moral difference in a world going to heck in a handbasket, encouraging courageous souls to stand up for what is right.

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Image: Robert Thomson

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