Joy, gratitude, and hope for the sleeping Canadian giant

By B. Crat

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve," says the character of the Japanese admiral Isoroku about Pearl Harbor in the WWII film Tora! Tora! Tora!  The Japanese may have successfully attacked the U.S., but that was a battle, not the war, and that day was the beginning of the end for the Japanese race to global power. 

There is a parallel situation unfolding with the Canadian government and the truckers.  To be clear, I'm not saying there's going to be a war, insurrection, or violence, but I am saying that the response of the Canadian government to the peaceful protests against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate will ultimately be its undoing and absent complete voter suppression and fraud, the current tyrannical regime won't last.

While the Canadian truckers didn't win the championship game (the trophy being the death of COVID-related mandates) — the fact is that they won a lot of tough playoff games along the way and not getting a trophy is nothing to lose heart over.  After all, it's a miracle that they made it this far despite a corrupt umpire (the entire government being stacked against them), the rules being changed every time they scored (honking declared illegal and the seizure of jerry cans), ringers (AKA false flags) being tossed in to uneven the score, the announcer (media) totally against and them declaring them as racist cheaters to rile up the fans in the stands, and they did not have the home-team advantage, but had to play downtown Ottawa.  The home-team advantage effect shouldn't be overlooked here — they went to the heart of a liberal paradise with vehicles that use diesel!  It was amazing and brave.

It's difficult to describe the joy of seeing the courageous farmers and truckers en route to hold peaceful protests.  For a lot of us suffering under mandates, the first joy we have felt in two years was the glorious sound of honking.  As a farmer, I know how hard it was to move that heavy equipment and drive it anywhere except into a barn.  That took tremendous commitment.

All over the world, the Canadian truckers have given the truly marginalized a voice.  They inspired the world and brought hope to so many who had given up.  Another win is that they no doubt awakened a few woke sheep.  They exposed an unbelievable level of tyranny and corruption in their government.  It's difficult to believe that this won't result in political change.  Everyone said Trump would never be elected in the U.S., so have faith, Canadians!  You also exposed a lot of hypocrisy from Trublackface.  For example, his support for farmers in India who blocked highways for more than a year in 2021!  It was a long time ago...maybe he forgot!  Then there was insinuating that a conservative Jewish M.P. was a Nazi, for which he has not apologized.  At some point, even good vax card–carrying liberals will wake up and start to smell the white privilege and nepotism (assuming they are good with the whole tyranny and new world order stuff that has now been confirmed).  After all, Trucastro got only 32.2% of the vote in 2021, meaning that nearly 68% of the remaining Canadian voters voted against him — that's about one percent lower than "President Biden" is polling right now.  Our "commander in chief" was able to achieve historic unpopularity, losing the support of 27% of independent voters in less than one year.  I expect Trudaddygotmemyjob to fall similarly in the polls by the next election in 2023.

Thanks for giving Michigan citizens a reminder that Governor Gretchen Whitmer is waiting to continue to let her inner tyrant out.  The Michigan governor's election is coming up fast, and Whitmer was doing a fine job hiding from her past tyranny and pretending she isn't planning on doubling down on those actions if re-elected.  It was hilarious to see Whitmer accuse the truckers of creating an economic crisis.  Whitmer, who went maskless with her friends in bars while shutting down bars and restaurants (but not casinos) for lesser offenses, was in the news again talking tough and offering Canada heavy equipment to remove the protesters on the Ambassador Bridge.  It was especially rich to hear her talk about the devastation delayed border crossing could have on the economy when she personally killed the state economy and many small businesses.  Back in 2020, she even used her emergency powers to prevent stores from selling garden seeds and supplies, deeming them and other verboten items "not necessary."  I remember the yellow caution tape in Walmart around the Burpee seed display in spring and standing in the rain with 100+ other people waiting for my turn to get into an occupancy-restricted Home Depot, only to find out you couldn't buy paint.

As someone in the fringe minority who works in a liberal-dominated workplace (there are about 15/400 unvaccinated in my office), the past year has been tough, lonely, and hopeless.  What the Canadian truckers helped show us is that we're not alone; we're just not loud.  We will never forget these brave men and women, nor the inspiration they provided us when things were looking their worst.  We will tell our children all about them for decades to come and show them videos of strong people who had had enough meaningless tyranny.  We hope the U.S. convoy is even a fraction as successful.

To the truckers, although it appears that donating money to the cause is now hopelessly illegal, one could speculate that selling t-shirts and coffee mugs with catchy "Hold the Line" slogans is not!  At the very least, when you get home, please become purveyors of such things so that we can pay you for them legally and support you without having our bank accounts seized.  Further, while we would love to see a mass migration movement from Canada to the U.S. (please let us know if you need a ride to Mexico to come in here "legally," because that border is totally open to unvaccinated crossers)...we also hope you stay to change more minds and vote out communism and tyrants.  Rome wasn't built or destroyed in a day.  Eternal thanks to the Canadian truckers who woke us up out of our stupor and reminded us that freedom isn't free.

Image: Michael_Swan.

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