Joe Rogan apologized and now, mysteriously, 70 of his podcasts have vanished

When some has-been hippies decided to see if they could leverage themselves into renewed fame by attacking Joe Rogan for daring to post interviews countering Anthony Fauci, Rogan groveled.  He apologized and agreed to have warnings posted on his content.  Once you start down that road, you've already lost.  Alert people have noticed that 70 of Rogan's podcasts have mysteriously vanished.  It seems that they've done so because in older podcasts, he offended today's racial sensibilities.  One wonders what will go next.

Joe Rogan is far and away the most popular media personality in America.  His podcasts eclipse everyone else out there.  That's why Spotify inked a deal reputed to be worth $100 million to get exclusive rights to Rogan's content.  Although Rogan is a leftist who endorsed Bernie Sanders and wants to see Michelle Obama run for president, he's not big on cancel culture or political correctness.  He invites a broad variety of people on his show — political and non-political, left and right — to ask them questions and then respectfully gives them a chance to answer those questions.

Fairly recently, he had doctors Robert Malone and Peter McCullough on his show.  Both are true experts in their field, and both have consistently challenged the Faucian orthodoxy about COVID and vaccines.  Because they do not believe in vaccine mandates, boosters, vaccines for children, mandatory masks, or any of the other totalitarian prescriptions Fauci, Biden, the federal government, the teachers' unions, and other leftists are insisting upon, they are the enemy and guilty of misinformation.  As I detailed here, the real misinformation comes from the establishment, which has been wrong about everything as well as lying about COVID's origin.

Image: Joe Rogan (edited in befunky).  YouTube screen grab.

When Neil Young and a handful of other forgotten "artists" said it was Rogan or them, Spotify made the sensible choice and went with the cash cow.  However, as I wrote, although Rogan has the upper hand, he groveled.  First, he allowed Spotify to stick "warning" notices on his podcasts, similar to the ones we're all familiar with from Facebook.  They're not warnings so much as censorship and deserve to be treated with absolute disgust and disdain.

More than that, Rogan bowed down, saying he wasn't "trying to promote misinformation" and promising he'd make an effort to counter this misinformation.  He may like to make money talking to different people but, at heart, I guess he's a Bernie Bro.

The fact that Rogan wasn't canceled was a deep offense for leftists.  Therefore, more of them have piled on, including a woman who says Rogan used the N-word in the past.  I don't use vulgarisms, so I don't and never have used that word, but the fact is that there's a huge genre of popular music built around mindless repetition of that word.  The word isn't taboo.  It's a money pump, and Blacks want a monopoly.

Nevertheless, with charges of racism being thrown about, and Rogan already having shown weakness, there's blood in the water, and the pile-on is growing.  That's why seventy of Rogan's episodes on Spotify have seemingly vanished.

The episodes are from 2018 and earlier, so Spotify isn't censoring COVID episodes — at least not yet.  Instead, people are alleging that these episodes are being pulled because they've offended racial shibboleths — and it's not at all clear that the problem is just the evil N-word.  After all, Spotify could have bleeped it out.  Alex Young spelled it out:

The episodes in question all pre-date 2019 and are unrelated to Rogan's ongoing controversy over COVID-19 misinformation.

Rather, the removal of at least some of these episodes was apparently due to racist or other derogatory language. Earlier on Friday, the Grammy Award–winning singer India.Arie highlighted 24 instances in which Rogan used the N-word during episodes of his podcast.

At this point, Rogan has two choices: he can assert some principles, assuming he has any, and stand on them, whether at Spotify or on his own platform (or maybe Trump's new platform).  Alternatively, he can continue to see leftists whittle away at him.  He'd better make up his mind fast, because he has the smell of carrion about him now, and they are hungry. 

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