It’s possible to get very rich from manufactured flu and war crises

You’ve probably heard or read headlines like this lately: “Oil is going to $100 a barrel!” “Oil might go all the way to $150!” When I start hearing things like this, I tend to back off and consider the source and the typical result. Let’s walk through how the Oligarchs and other power brokers buy low, sell high, and leave Mom and Pop holding the bag at the top.

When you or I buy or sell stocks, oil, mutual funds, gold, or any other assets traded in the marketplace, we don’t buy or sell enough to cause us to move the price. Prices move only when enough of us are trying to do the same thing. Think of an auction: The more people who are interested in an item, the more bids for the item, and the more bids, the higher the price climbs.

When it comes to the big money and their purchases of millions and millions of dollars of oil or natural gas, their prices aren’t affected by bidding wars. Instead, at least sometimes, the big money people create a catastrophe. The fear of the unknown illness drove down the price of oil (and everything else) as people panic-sold to the big money oligarchs. Keep in mind that oil is traded as you would trade stocks, so the range of sellers would be anyone who needed to raise money during the COVID scare and the buyers would be anyone who had the money to buy a valuable resource (or buy “futures” in that resource) and hang onto it.

Image: Oil wells by wirestock. Freepik license.

Then, when the fear that made the price low starts to unravel or is no longer needed for keeping the price artificially low, the price is moved up by yet another manufactured fear. Hmm.... Let’s say a fear of war between a couple of oil-rich countries that—oh, my—might become World War III.

Now, the millions of dollars those connected, rich people spent buying oil during the downtime turn into trillions of dollars as they unload that same oil. We’ve seen prices artificially inflated from the start of Biden’s administration when he shut down the pipeline and tightened regulations. Meanwhile, stories about war keep the price moving up as the big money sells into that constant increase in price. Putin, the Middle Eastern oil countries, and other big-money people are more than happy to quietly play along again and reap the rewards of higher priced everything.

“Ok, wait, let me make sure I’m reading this correctly. So, you’re suggesting two crises were manufactured. One, the respiratory flu, to make oil cheap, and, two, the war rumors the last few weeks were manufactured to drive up oil and gas prices to be able to put the cheap oil on the market at a higher price?”

Well, yes, maybe that and, well, I don’t know, maybe the flu and war fears are also meant to distract you from stopping your world from being taken over. The one thing we know for certain is that the last two years have made the world’s rich people incredibly richer. Everything played to their benefit. Why would that stop now?

Carl Henry is a pseudonym.

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