It's no surprise that Putin invaded during Obama's and Biden's presidencies instead of Trump's

Russian President Vladimir Putin remembers how cooperative Obama and Biden were during their eight years in office, no matter what he did.

In 2009, Obama backed out of a promise to put up missile shields in Poland and the Czech Republic, which certainly appeased Putin.  It showed NATO members that the U.S could not be trusted to keep its word. 

Obama scraps Bush missile-defense plan

In March 2012, Obama whispered to the Russian president at the time that he would be more flexible to cave to their wishes after the election.  He just needed to lie to the American people for eight more months.

Obama tells Russia's Medvedev more flexibility after election

President Barack Obama was caught on camera on Monday assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he will have "more flexibility" to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election.

On September 11, 2012, Putin saw that Hillary and Obama cared more about their political power than Americans under attack in a foreign country, in Benghazi, Libya.  Instead of lifting a finger to help them, they concocted a lie about a video.  Putin had to be pleased to be dealing with people without a conscience and knowing that so few in the American media cared

Before the election in 2012, Obama laughed at Romney when he said Russia was a dangerous adversary.  Most of the media and other Democrats cheered at Obama's brilliance.  Putin was probably cheering that so many powerful Americans were that naïve. 

Mitt Romney finally gets credit years later for his warnings on Russia

Madeleine Albright, a top Democrat on foreign policy, apologized to Romney.

Romney's claim drew a memorable slam from Obama during a presidential debate: "The 1980s, they're now calling to ask for their foreign policy back," Obama said, seeking to paint Romney as out of touch on a key foreign policy issue.

Albright, who similarly criticized Romney in 2012, said she'd "underestimated" Russia back then.

In 2013, Russia took over North American uranium resources, and all they had to do was give massive kickbacks to the Clintons.

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

Putin and other dictators have to be pleased that the Bidens, Clintons, and others are so willing to line their pockets with kickbacks from foreign countries.  But of course, it certainly leaves them vulnerable to blackmail.

Obama drew a red line, stating that if Syria's Assad ever used chemical weapons on his people, he would be in big trouble.  He used them, and Obama essentially moved the red line and engaged Russia to monitor Assad, the Russians' buddy.  That is as brilliant as having a fox guard a henhouse. 

To Assuage Russia, Obama Administration Backed Off Syria Chemical Weapons Plan

The campaign to punish Assad for attacking his people with chlorine bombs took a back seat to Kerry's diplomacy with Moscow

The Obama administration signed on to the worthless Paris climate agreement, which leaves Russia and OPEC more powerful to control oil prices and essentially does nothing about the climate.  It destroys the U.S. economy by decimating our fossil fuel industry.

As Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, Obama refused to give them weapons, which certainly had to please Putin.

FOR THE sake of the cameras, President Obama assured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko at a White House meeting Thursday that "not only do we support Ukraine's sovereignty and independence in words, but we've also been supporting it in deeds." If only that were true.

White House rebuffs Ukraine appeal for weapons

The Obama administration has refused to provide lethal aid for fear of escalating tensions.

It had to be pleasing to Putin that the Obama-Biden administration was so willing to lie to build up Iran with hundreds of billions as they pledged death to America. 

The more money Iran had, the more it could spend in Russia, one of its biggest trading partners. 

Obama took lying to new heights with the Iran deal

Putin watched as the corrupt Obama administration paid over a billion dollars in bribes to tyrants and let drug-running terrorists off the hook to appease the Iranian tyrants.  How brutal and dishonest does a politician have to be to not care about how many people die from terrorism and drugs because he is more interested in his legacy?

U.S. Transferred $1.3 Billion More in Cash to Iran After Initial Payment 

First $400 million coincided with Iran's release of American prisoners and was used as leverage, officials have acknowledged

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook

An ambitious U.S. task force targeting Hezbollah's billion-dollar criminal enterprise ran headlong into the White House's desire for a nuclear deal with Iran

Putin studied as Hillary, the DNC, the corrupt Justice Department, Obama, Biden, intelligence officials, and the media all colluded to destroy Trump with false information and illegal spying. 

He is probably very supportive of a media establishment that willingly spreads propaganda to push an agenda.  A lot of journalists in America still act as if the most corrupt administration in history was scandal-free. 

Contrast the actions of Obama and Biden with Russia to how Trump handled them:

Unlike Obama, Trump gave Poland and Ukraine weapons, which would have ticked off Putin. 

Poland signs $4.75 billion deal for U.S. Patriot missile system facing Russia

Trump administration approves lethal arms sales to Ukraine

Trump sanctioned Russia even when the Russians weren't invading.  Trump lectured the Germans to the effect that they should stop relying on Russia for energy. 

Nord Stream 2: Trump approves sanctions on Russia gas pipeline

Trump pushed NATO allies to pay more for their defense, which had to displease Putin. 

In gesture to Trump, US allies close to deal to pay more for NATO running costs

Trump pulled out of the worthless Paris climate accord and started producing more American oil, which reduced the pricing power of Russia and OPEC and helped Americans with lower prices, especially the poor and middle class. 

Trump pulled out of the Iran deal and punished Iran with many sanctions, and that harmed Russia. 

When Trump blew out the terrorist general from Iran, Biden and others said how dangerous that was.  It wasn't.  It saved a lot of lives.  Why would we ever trust someone with such bad judgment to be our president? 

In Iran Speech, Biden Calls Escalating Tension Avoidable And Dangerous

Leading Democratic presidential candidates on Tuesday blasted President Trump's decision to kill Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, casting it as a dangerous escalation in a volatile region.

As Trump was much tougher on Russia for four years than Obama and Biden ever were, the media and other Democrats continually lied to the public that he was a Russian puppet to mislead.  They also called him an illegitimate president. 

Putin and other dictators had to be pleased that while Trump was in office, the media and other Democrats trashed our country as an unfair, systemically racist country that cares only for the rich.  They love propaganda that they can feed to their people to say how much better they are than us.

As the media campaigned for Biden, they buried the truth about the corruption of Biden and the entire Obama presidency.  Putin and other dictators love state-controlled media.  

When Biden was installed as president, Putin probably felt as though he had won the lottery with such a weak American CEO. 

One of the first things Biden did was block the Keystone XL pipeline and send a message that he would destroy the American fossil fuel industry.  And prices started going up. 

We also rejoined the Paris climate accord, which further weakens America and further raises prices.  Anyone who thinks Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other oil-producing countries care about their carbon footprint needs to have his head examined. 

The mental midgets in the Biden administration are anxiously trying to strengthen the Iran that still pledges death to America. Putin will love it if Iran gets more money. 

Biden gave Putin a gift with the lifting of sanctions on his lifeblood. 

Nord Stream 2: Biden waives US sanctions on Russian pipeline

Biden and his minions have been warning Putin for months about harsh sanctions if he invaded Ukraine, so he clearly prepared.  Nord Stream 2 has been canceled by Germany (for now). Then, when he invaded, they issued soft sanctions on two banks and some people and warned Putin that you'd better not go over that next red line, or we will really get tough. 

My guess is Putin has worked out a deal with China to go around the sanctions.  China doesn't care about American sanctions on Iran or anyone else.  The Chinese know how the politicians and bureaucrats cave. 

Putin appears to be playing chess while Blinken, Sullivan, Biden, and the generals are playing tic-tac-toe. 

While Putin, Iran, and China prepare for war, the American military is focused like a laser on wokeness, computer-generated climate models, and kicking healthy people out of the military for refusing a vaccine that doesn't protect against a virus. 

Will the media ever wonder why a politician's wife in Moscow gave Hunter Biden over $3 million or do research on all the other kickbacks?

I have seen many journalists say Putin appears to have changed and looks unstable.  What about Biden?

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