It would be nice if a WaPo writer included the Johns Hopkins study when discussing the costs of the pandemic

Philip Bump writes in the Washington Post about Americans losing 135 million years of life due to the pandemic.

Maybe he could link it to the Johns Hopkins study that shows that the dictatorial edicts of power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats, who most journalists supported (especially those at WaPo), saved 0.2 Percent of lives. In other words, the lockdowns caused more harm than good.

Maybe he could write about all the suicides caused by the lockdowns or the number of people who didn't get necessary care because of the dictatorial edicts.

Maybe he could write about the number of small businesses that were destroyed by the dictatorial edicts.

Maybe he could write about the massive inflation and supply chain problems caused by the dictatorial edicts.

Maybe he could ask questions as to why Fauci, Collins, and others are so anxious to block an investigation into the Wuhan lab as the source of the pandemic that killed millions. Could it be that they are culpable for the virus? Isn't it sad that most journalists don't seem curious at all as they continue to treat everything Fauci says as gospel?

Finally, he could write about the amount of immeasurable physical, mental, and financial harm to children caused by the dictatorial edicts and caving to the teachers’ unions because they donate so much money to Democrats.

Of course, most WaPo puppets, who pretend they are journalists as they campaign for Democrats to destroy America, won't write about any of this or ask any questions because they don't care.

They gladly spread misinformation to intentionally mislead the public.

Of course, the WaPo is hardly alone among major legacy media in ignoring the Johns Hopkins study:

So why did so many American mainstream media outlets IGNORE a reputable university's study that lockdowns didn't work? New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC and CBS all failed to run the story because they 'have their own narrative written'

Will they ever care about the massive corruption of the Biden family?  The New York Times is pretending they care now, Will the WaPo and other media outlets?

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