If you wanted proof Biden isn't in charge of his own administration, here it is...

The same media establishment that colluded with the Democrats to cover up Joe Biden's dementia in order to get Donald Trump out of the White House is now providing cover for his obvious status as a puppet for unseen handlers.  This is an extraordinary moment in history, with the American people kept in the dark about who is actually in charge of the Executive Branch during a period of multiple grave crises in foreign affairs, the economy, and public health.

A mere 32 seconds' worth of video depicting the end of Biden's address to the nation's governors proves that he is not in charge of his presidency.  He indicates that the plan was for him to take questions, beginning with one from the governor of Utah.  (The oddity of a POTUS planning in advance the questioners at the end of events, including press conferences, is a separate and disturbing issue.  Scripting so closely suggests an inability to handle spontaneity and stage management of Q&A that is unseemly.)

But, as you will see, someone else decided that Biden was not going to follow that plan.  My guess is that he was showing signs of incoherence, of the phenomenon known as "sundowning," where a dementia patient loses coherence as the day wears on.

But whatever the cause of the change of plans, it is crystal clear that Biden is not calling the shots at his own public event.  Someone else — a female voice off-camera — shuts down the questions, and Biden just sits there, looking back and forth and grinning stupidly as he obeys instructions from someone powerful enough to make him backtrack in public.

Biden's grin has been one of his principal political assets throughout his long career.  In his decline, when he gets into trouble and is not angry, it seems to be his default posture.

If a Republican president were to behave similarly, the media would scream that something is very wrong when a POTUS shows that he is not in charge of his own presidency.

Hat tip: The Right Scoop

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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