I am not sorry and I do not care

Back in the mid-'80s, when Madonna exploded onto the music scene, I despised her.  I was a serious musician back then, playing drums professionally (something I did from my teens until my early 30s).  However, I've never forgotten how Madonna handled the fact that, in 1985, photos surfaced revealed that, when Madonna was 19 years old and first came to NYC, she posed for Penthouse.

When those photos were leaked, Madonna's reaction was pretty much (and I'm paraphrasing here, not quoting), "Yeah, I did that.  I needed the money.  The end."  The scandal disappeared in two days.  Although I am back to not liking Madonna again because of her pink pussy hat, blowing up the White House thing, the 1985 Madonna had it right.

If I see one more hostage video of someone offering up a sniveling, groveling apology for something he said or did years ago that was taken out of context, I am going to vomit.  The latest was Joe Rogan.

Now hear this, Mr. Rogan and everyone else.  Stop apologizing.  The Marxists don't want your apology; they want you gone.  If you don't play into this stupid game, they will move on.  If everyone takes the 1985 Madonna attitude, cancel culture will be canceled.

This episode isn't about what Rogan said; this is about Rogan having millions of subscribers, while the legacy media have no ratings.  Since the legacy media are the propaganda arm of the Marxist party, they can't have that — especially if Rogan has people on his show who don't agree with Pravda/CCP-approved narrative.  That's what this is all about.

Image: Madonna (1985), not too long after her Penthouse days.  Public domain.

The Marxists play the same game every time.  Some Marxist in the government uses the old mob tactic by pondering on Twitter, "When is someone going to do something about so and so?"  Then, like magic, a day or two later, a controversy is invented.  Then the person's employer gets frightened because it gets flooded with commentary from the twidiots and the Facebook/metaverse or whatever they now call themselves.  Then said person shoots a selfie video where he (or she) looks as though someone off-camera has a gun to his (or her) head and offers up a sickening, all-inclusive groveling, snivelly apology that makes you wince.  Then the person gets fired anyway.

Want to stop this stupidity?  Okay, let's start with me.  If I said or did anything dating back to the time I was a child or a dumb adolescent or young adult or even yesterday, I am not sorry.  Don't write to me, and don't post to me, because I do not care.

If you call me a racist, I do not care.  If you call me every -ist or -phobe known to man (yes, I said man), I do not care.

There are only two sexes.  I am not sorry, and I do not care.

Transgender "women" should not compete against biological women in sports.  I am not sorry, and I do not care.

Criminals belong in jail.  I am not sorry, and I do not care.

Masking your face until the end of time is insipid.  I am not sorry, and I do not care.

I do not believe in mandates of any kind even though I am vaxxed and boosted.  I am not sorry, and I do not care.

I support the Canadian trucker convoy.  I am not sorry, and I do not care.

There, see how easy that was?  Give a shot; it's quite liberating.  And if anyone asks, yes, I said all of that.  So what?  It needed to be said, and, no, I am not sorry.

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