How do Democrats deal with Joe Biden? They've quit reading the news

Joe Biden is about as hideous a failure as any president has ever been in United States history.  He bests Jimmy Carter, he bests Barack Obama, he bests Warren Harding, he bests Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan for his sheer cowardice, corruption, inability to read the mood of the country, and senescence. 

Every last thing he's done has been a failure, and some of them big failures indeed.  He's truly the worst president we have ever had, and that's becoming a bipartisan consensus.

So how do Democrats deal with this? 

According to the Washington Examiner:

Attention to national news is on the decline overall, but for the first time in four years, Democrats are reporting less interest in it than Republicans and independents.

new poll from Gallup and the Knight Foundation found that Democrats are 35% less likely to monitor national news than a year ago.

"The decline in Democrats who pay a great deal of attention to national news is significant," the Knight Foundation stated.

The drop among Democrats aged 18-34 is perhaps the most surprising. Only 24% said they paid great attention to national news in 2021 in comparison to 70% in November 2020. Democrats aged 35-54 notched a 41% drop in interest.

Republicans' interest stayed relatively the same at 36% in 2021 compared to 38% in 2020, bucking the trend for viewership when the opposing party is in the White House.

They just can't stand to look at it.

And that makes sense.  After all, Joe Biden was kind of a shell package for them — for some, to be a twist-with-the-wind "moderate," which is how he was viewed for most of his career, and for others, as a vehicle to get their Bernie dreams of a socialist society through in a moderate wrapping.

Neither of those things has worked out the way they wanted it to work out.  The moderates have been horrified at the lunacy and bad judgment coming out of the White House.  The socialists are disillusioned, because moonbeams and rainbows never followed when Joe Biden got his far-left agenda items through, even through executive order or open refusal to enforce the law, as we see through the defiance of judicial orders in areas such as border policy.  Kamala Harris is a giggling far-left intellectual flyweight who slept her way to the top and impresses none of them.  Monstrous foreign policy failures, such as Afghanistan and now Ukraine, are best not brought up.

What's more, they bought into lots of false stories about President Trump and his supposed status as a Russian agent, a tax cheat, an insurrectionist — and every last one of them has fallen apart.  It's tiring to be fooled again and again and again after you'd gotten your hopes so high.  The false stories on COVID had to be another source of disillusion.

The other thing is polls.  There are the polls, lots of polls, showing that Democrats are in for the mother of all "shellackings" come November 2022 and November 2024.  How they must long for the days of Barack Obama and all his glib certainties and often high poll numbers.  Instead of working to get Joe out of there and take Kamala with him, or put the Democrats on a more palatable course, they put their heads into the sand and simply quit reading the news.

Must be miserable to have staked your troth on such a colossal loser and political correctness forbids you to change it.  No wonder they can't so much as look at it anymore.

Image: Twitter screen shot from Fox News.

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