Hard-left Loudoun County school district is about to get some new neighbors

Loudoun County, Virginia has been in the news a great deal lately because of its leftist policies and the beginnings of a parental revolt.  The school board's leftist proclivities are to be expected, given that Biden got almost 61.5% of the votes in November 2020, compared to Trump's 36.5%.  In other words, Loudoun County is a strongly Democrat redoubt.  That's why, although I'm terribly sorry for the 36.5% who aren't leftist, Loudoun is getting its comeuppance for having put a leftist in the White House: the Biden administration is sending as many as 1,000 Afghan refugees to the county.

The Loudoun County School District became notorious when it covered up a ninth-grade girl's rape, almost certainly because the rapist was a cross-dressing boy in the girl's bathroom.  The district transferred the boy to another school, where he sexually assaulted another girl.  The district then buried the story and arrested the first girl's father for complaining at a school board meeting.

Loudoun County is also extremely leftist in its academic approach.  Most people first heard of it when it canceled Dr. Seuss books for being...wait for it...racist.

It's unclear why the Biden administration targeted a true blue community when it needed a place to dump unvetted Afghan refugees.  After all, when it comes to the illegal aliens pouring over our southern border, it appears that the Biden administration, when illegally shipping them across America, is targeting red communities.

But still, it's uncontested that the Biden administration is, in fact, plopping the refugees in a compound right next to a Loudoun County high school and middle school.  The Daily Wire is where I read this story:

The Department of Homeland Security will house up to 1,000 Afghan refugees in an [sic] compound next to a Loudoun County high school and middle school, and made plans to do so with no communication with local authorities, Loudoun County, Virginia, Sheriff Mike Chapman said.

The sheriff "raised concerns about DHS' lack of communication, lack of planning, language barriers, a failure to communicate with a myriad of potential stakeholders, and the NCC's [National Conference Center's] unfenced proximity to a residential neighborhood and two public schools." The federal government claims that "many" of the Afghans served the U.S. as translators, but only 30% speak English, Chapman said in a statement.

Chapman, obviously, wasn't happy.  Within a short time, though, Chapman was silenced, and righteous woke leftism reigned supreme:

Frankly, if I were a parent with a child near the affected schools, I would do anything at this point to get my children out of these schools.  The problem, which I'm sure the parents will soon learn, is that many Afghan men are rapists.  According to a 2017 article by Cheryl Benard, a European woman who worked with the incoming waves of Muslim refugees, the refugees from Afghanistan are a terrible problem:

Europeans were predisposed to be positive towards Afghan refugees. But it quickly became obvious that something was wrong, very wrong, with these young Afghan men: they were committing sex crimes to a much greater extent than other refugees, even those from countries that were equally or more backward, just as Islamic and conservative, and arguably just as misogynist.

Her article describes the string of horrific rapes the Afghan men committed against women of all ages, as well as both boys and girls.  When you invite Afghan men into your country, you have invited brutal sexual assaults in with them.

Image: Afghan refugees.  YouTube screen grab.

And indeed, that's exactly what's been happening in America.  The same Daily Wire article linked above describes a few recent sexual assaults:

Last month, an Afghan refugee was convicted of sexually abusing a three-year old girl at Quantico Marine Corps Base. Mohammed Tariq, 24, had worked "alongside US troops" in Afghanistan, US News reported. The outlet said he told authorities the conduct was acceptable in his culture.

In New Mexico, a group of Afghan refugees allegedly assaulted a female military service member.

CBS reported that "several" Afghan women and girls said they were forced into marriage, including as "child brides," so that they could come to the US as spouses of Afghan men.

The governor of Montana called for the Biden administration to stop settling Afghan migrants in the state until vetting concerns were addressed after an evacuee was charged with a rape of a woman in the state.

It's true, of course, that not all Afghan men are rapists.  When I traveled in Canada a few years ago, I met an absolutely lovely Afghan couple who escaped during the Soviet occupation.  They were completely assimilated.  Still, the risk, if it's your children at a school near the new Afghan compound, is almost certainly going to be a lot higher than if the compound housed Christian refugees from a Muslim country.

Loudoun County residents may love Biden, but he and his administration have no love for them or their children. 

Thomas Lifson adds: I think this is the federal government teaching a lesson to uppity parents who complained.

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