GoFundMe self-immolates on the back of the Canadian truckers' strike

Big Tech's embrace of wokesterism has left it full of idiots.

Which brings us to GoFundMe, the popular fund-raising platform, which shut down a $10 million cash haul for the striking Canadian truckers on some kind of political correctness ground, or rather "violation of terms of service." They saw that the bid to help truckers was popular. They saw the money roll in. They could have laughed all the way to the bank on the transaction and platform fees they'd generate. But instead, they shut the whole thing down, and more grotesquely, declared that the cash raised would go to a charity of their choosing, too bad about what the donors paid for. Anyone who wanted a refund would have to read the fine print about all the hoops they would have to jump through to get it, and then fill out a lot of forms, waiting some ten days before they maybe would get their cash back.

Which sounds like thievery, and quite possibly a scam. After all, it would be pretty convenient for the selected, or pre-selected charities that were to set to get the "free" cash without bothering to have to raise it. It also was an amazing way to enrage customers. After all, who would want to donate to a GoFundMe-sponsored event with the knowledge that the cash could be shifted to a more 'deserving' recipient as determined by GoFundMe?

Elon Musk, who donated considerable cash to the effort, put out a powerful tweet about the meaning of this arbitrary specter:

And sure enough, that take was heard -- by five state attorneys general, from Florida, Georgia, West Virginia, Louisiana, and Texas, as well as Florida's governor, Ron DeSantis, which vowed to investigate and prosecute for fraud if their investigations found it. GoFundMe skedaddled to make it easy to refund donors as a result of the arbitrary shutdown, known that the AGs could do some considerable damage to their bottom line. The now easy refunds should cost the tech giant $10 to $15 per canceled transaction.

Don Trump, Jr. tweeted this:

..which prompted the pile-on.

Even a tech giant which presumably would understand the importance of fulfilling contracts and know the industry it was in ought to know it. It could have made a pile off the Canadian trucker strike fundraising. Now it's on track to lose money and fight off lawyers from major states. And, it's lost tremendous future business -- they can refund the cash now, but they've done so at a cost of trust and goodwill, so the damage is done. What's the lesson here? Get woke, go broke. It seems that wokery has caused GoFundMe to lose even all business sense. And this time, they aren't getting away with it. let's hope the other shutdown censors take note if they still haven't let all of their brains turn to wokester mush.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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