Freedom truckers in DC would be asking for trouble

According to reports, a copycat trucker convoy intends to visit Washington, D.C.  I suggest they rethink their plans.  The participants will be incurring great risk for minimal, if any, potential benefit.

First, the risk.  The police, prosecutors, judges, and indeed the jury pool in the District of Columbia are so partisan that Republicans and constitutional conservatives can be arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and jailed without having committed any crime.  Indeed, it appears from the example of the January 6 prisoners that they can be jailed indefinitely without the legal system even bothering about prosecution or conviction.

On the other hand, Democrats and leftists will not likely be arrested, and if arrested, not likely prosecuted, and if prosecuted, not likely convicted, and if convicted, not likely to get meaningful punishment.  Knowing this, they can act provocatively with little fear of being called to account for any crime they may commit during the provocation.  This double-whammy of one-sidedness in the criminal "justice" system creates

great legal risk for any Republican or constitutional conservative who may set foot or wheel within the geographic boundaries of the District of Columbia.

As to potential benefit, a demonstration requires two things to be effective: some warm bodies to show up in public and lots of sympathetic publicity.  Because of the nature of the corporate media, any freedom-supporting trucker convoy will never get the sympathetic publicity necessary for an effective demonstration.  Instead, the "mainstream" media will demonize the demonstrators.  Admittedly, this is gradually changing with the emergence of alternative media and the distribution of information via the internet, but this is not yet sufficient in scale to outweigh the mass effects of the corporate media.  Too many apathetic Americans still rely on the alphabet media and the New York Times echo chamber.

The net result will be that the demonstration is either ineffective or counterproductive.  It could give Joe Biden's handlers a pretext to copy Justin Trudeau's tyranny.

I am not privy to the plans of the purported organizers of this convoy.  Undoubtedly, they know a lot of things that I do not.  Maybe they have clearly articulated and achievable goals.  Unless they do, I would counsel them to conserve their freedom and their assets for more effective uses.

William Marbury is the pen-name of a lawyer who works in the arts.

Image via Pixnio.

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