Fires in liberal democracies

What if there were a fire in a liberal democracy scorching human rights and civil liberties?  What if that fire was in several liberal democracies and spreading fast?  The people are loudly screaming "fire!" but their leaders are curiously silent.

The implementation of emergency war powers in Canada to suspend rights is either a temporary overreach of power or a blatant authoritarian shape-shift to crush political dissent, seize assets, and implement martial law on completely fabricated charges.  The majority of people in the U.S. and Canada are seeing the totalitarian shape-shift and loudly screaming "fire!" but there are no Western leaders rushing with an extinguisher, nor even any acknowledgment of what is happening.

One would think it the duty of every pragmatic and thoughtful western leader to call out the suspension of basic human rights and civil liberties where they see them, and yet with the exception of Nayib Bukele, president and self-proclaimed CEO of El Salvador, all of them are terrifyingly silent on the matter.  Perhaps if democracy is dead, as Tucker Carlson and others have recently observed, then majorities no longer matter and there aren't just little fires across the West, but raging infernos.

For two years, these leaders have tasted the kind of power that corrupts and may be envious of the Trudeau regime's beta testing of this new shift toward absolute power and permanent destruction of any pretense of being considered a liberal democracy ever again.  Let their silence serve as a warning that what's happening in Canada may not stay in Canada.

Globalism's Chains

If the best-case scenario is that liberal democracies are presently in a state of "suspension" across much of the West, even in the absence of any real threat, then the values that the individuals support and are linked by are no longer in play, and we have no choice then to acknowledge some other forces have been substituted to prepare the shift to a new governing paradigm.  We can call this new paradigm global technocracy because we have seen it with our own eyes for years ushered in through the ruse of invisible harm necessitating the state impose measures that collectivize risk and risk choices of the individual which undermines both their autonomy and liberty.  Convincing the masses to go along with this ruse only required controlling all narratives, and injecting sufficient and constant streams of fear into the body politic.

As with interlinked individual rights, the rush to globalism over the past thirty years has linked many nations of the West beyond just commerce, trade, and economics.  The unity of alliances for defense and diplomatic affairs in global groups like the G7 and G20 have merged the governing and ruling habits of Western leaders who have formed a curious "lockstep" on domestic policies.  We've watched these policies be war-gamed through "pandemic preparedness" of simulations for events that are being ushered in under the pretense of threats, which are fabricated to justify the desired "lockstep" maneuvers.  It's as if these nations were now networked computers running the same domestic policy software programs.

Silence Is Envy

Could it be true, as many are speculating, that leaders of the West wish they could do what Trudeau is doing, that they envy his authoritarian power-grab?  Having tasted two years of power that corrupts and advertised their fealty toward global power interests rather than the people who elected them, it's hard to disagree.  Their resistance to dispense with emergency medical police state powers should be a warning that, given the opportunity to create an emergency to justify more state powers and the suspension of liberties, they will rush to take this action.  The conclusion is clear if this is true: these are not liberals; these are not leaders; these are servants of the global technocratic machine.

Trudeau assumed the seat of prime minister with less than a third of the popular vote, a convenient loophole and glaring deficit of many parliamentary democracies.  This results in a simple tyranny-of-the-minority coalition government.  In a nation where peaceful protest is criminalized by political opponents in power under banana republican fabricated charges, there is nothing liberal or democratic to see there.  Worse still, it may engender the kind of violent rebellion the Trudeau regime has fabricated as justification for its tyranny.  They are using JFK's famous words to their advantage: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.  They can point to any resistance as violence and offer their prepared solutions — more tyranny.

In the absence of condemnation of what we're witnessing in Canada, the cancer will only grow and likely spread across the West.  This disturbing silence of Western leaders should be viewed as tacit support of the authoritarianism and fascism in Canada, and that should worry all of us who care deeply about our basic liberties, because in a globally interconnected lockstep world, what happens in Canada may not stay in Canada.

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Graphic credit: Qimono, Pixabay license.

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