Finnish athlete posted pictures of water leaking into her apartment, ordered by Chinese officials to delete them

The habits of tyranny are hard to break. China expected that the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing would once again impress the world with China’s ability to build shiny new venues and organize vast and impressive mass ceremonies. But, instead, what is becoming known as the “Genocide Games” is exposing the autocratic authoritarianism of China's governing officials and the downright shabby nature of its treatment for foreign athletes, some of whom dare to complain in public. Unlike Chinese citizens, they don’t have to worry about their social credit scores once they leave the Middle Kingdom.

Yahoo Sports reports:

A Finnish skier claims she was ordered by Chinese officials to delete photos she shared on social media showing water flooding the athlete's village and flowing out of light fixtures at the Winter Olympics.

Katri Lylynpera posted a number of photos and videos last week showing water pouring down from the ceiling at her lodging and creating puddles on the floor.

Exposed electrical equipment can also be seen in a number of the photos.

Lylynpera captioned the video "help", while also sharing footage of officials arriving to clean up the mess.

However the most staggering photo that Lylynpera shared was a screenshot of a message she allegedly received telling her to remove her posts from social media.

fan site on Reddit interpreted the messages, reporting that Lylynpera joked about the “ridiculous” farce and said Chinese officials couldn't treat her the "same way" as their citizens.

"Finland's Olympic athlete dormitory in Beijing experienced a serious water leakage today," the Reddit site said.

"Some Finnish athletes posted this incident on Twitter and Instagram ... and they were told to delete them by the Chinese authorities."

Here are some of the pictures she posted, via Instagram:

The hazmat suits on the cleanup crew are a nice touch. Athletes are being served food by people in the same suits, as if the foreign guests are toxic waste.

I have not been able to find a picture of the screen grab of the order to delete the pictures and don’t know what language it was in. But whoever sent it doesn’t seem to realize that the internet is forever, and this order only exposes the totalitarian nature of the regime.

Chinese residential construction is notorious for poor quality. I’ve seen videos of foreign residents showing serious flaws in their brand-new apartments.

Readers are no doubt familiar with the starvation-level food service that other athletes are complaining about.

And the ski jump located at a disused steel mill (that looks like a nuclear power plant with its cooling towers) is not winning many people over to the workers’ paradise that is being built.

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