Did Canadian mounted police mow down or even kill an old lady?

A couple of videos have emerged from Ottawa showing mounted policemen bumping into two protesters.  From those videos, two narratives have emerged.  One says a little old lady, possibly affiliated with a tribe, was definitely struck and possibly killed; the other says it's a phony video that's essentially a false flag operation.  Meanwhile, polls are showing that, while we conservatives cheer on the truckers and their cause, two thirds of Canadians back Trudeau's COVID rules and his decision to anoint himself as a dictator.

Cernovich had an early version of the video, showing a little old lady with a walker talking to the camera right as the mounted police emerge.  Then things get muddy, and the camera draws back, showing her on the ground where the horses walked:

Another video provides a clearer view, showing that she and a man both got caught by the horses as they rode by:

However, the pro-Trudeau faction claims that the above is a false flag operation.  This Twitter thread is representative (and please note that she has Fox News on the brain):

The Ottawa Police have denied that anything bad happened:

Moreover — and this is the really important thing — the horse was okay:

What I've been hearing from conservatives is that, given Trudeau's dictatorial tactics (hordes of willing police attacking truckers, breaking into their trucks, dragging them off to jail, as well as the government unilaterally, and without due process, freezing people's bank accounts and bitcoin funds, and even hauling their pets off to the abattoir), there's going to be a civil war in Canada.  I think that's wrong.  Our problem — the conservative problem — is that we're looking at things through the eyes of those who want freedom.  However, that's not what Canadians want.

A little history is helpful.  Many years ago, I read Pierre Berton's Klondike: The Last Great Gold Rush, 1896–1899.  What remains in my memory is his description of a town that was split evenly down the middle between Canada and the United States.  The American side, he wrote, was a Wild West town, with a pure democracy, in which every townsman had a voice.  On the Canadian side, the townspeople instantly formed a provisional government and quickly had an orderly, top-down society.  That hasn't changed.

Image: The explosive image.  Twitter screen grab.

Four different polls show that two thirds of Canadians support Trudeau's COVID policies and his exploiting the Emergencies Act.  Are these polls trustworthy?  I have no idea.  But they're certainly consistent with the Canadian character: obedient.  To this obedience, the 21st-century iteration of the Canadian character has been upgraded to be both woke and leftist-elitist.  Canadians will weep over the unproven, and almost certainly false, plight of Indian children who were allegedly murdered many decades ago, but they have no sympathy at all for working-class truckers whose livelihoods are being destroyed.

And here's a reminder to those who think Canada will end in a civil war: in May 2020, when Trudeau was clearly already thinking about the Great Reset (something to which he gave voice in November 2020), Canadians allowed the government to take the last of their guns.

I will continue to stand up for the truckers, who are on the side of liberty.  Sadly, I don't think their own countrymen will do the same.  

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