Democrats live in an alternate universe

There isn't a chasm separating Democrats and Republicans, but an alternate universe.  Hillary Clinton, who probably believes she is president in an alternate universe, accused Trump of living in an alternate reality.  More recently, W.H. press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed concerns about crime as part of an alternate universe.

Psaki, well-practiced in conjuring her own peculiar reality, actually accused Fox News of being in an alternate universe.  Huh?  Fox News ratings have dominated for a remarkable twenty years.  It is actually CNN that festers in an alternate universe awash with toxic radiation; in fact, the network is imploding into a fake news black hole.

Many physicists (perhaps reluctant to concede that intelligent design is behind the exquisite, life-affirming constants of nature) postulate a multiverse.  Roughly, it's a landscape of innumerable universes, separated from ours and with their own laws of physics.  The most commonly accepted version of the Big Bang theory posits an inflationary period of exponential expansion of space that can also propel the creation of infinite bubble universes.

In one of them, perhaps a bunch of liberal bubbleheads dwells.  For sure, one is populated by some weird emoji beings, including a pregnant man.  I guess there's no magnetic shield protecting them from the cosmic rays that stimulate unusual mutations.

In the Dems' alternate universe, the inflaton quantum field permeates space and time.  There is so much inflation that their alternate reality embraces it as a good thing.  Indeed, when Biden finally conceded that inflation is persistent, continually creating price bubbles, his BBB spending free-for-all confounded the laws of economics.  In their universe, there is little free will, but a lot of onerous socialist determinism.

In their universe, there isn't much evidence of intelligent design at all.  They have no self-awareness and minimal consciousness.  Today's Dems have emotions, all right, but little in the way of useful, integrated thoughts.  Instead, disintegration and entropy prevail.

The fabric of their universe is sculpted by dark matter, and dark money ripples through the filaments of their dark, cosmic web in the name of woke social justice.  But not in the name of crime victim's justice as progressive district attorneys peddle restorative justice and encourage social workers to go on community patrol.  That's not much of a deterrent against pillage and plunder, which, along with many other crimes, are common occurrences in their disorderly universe.

Speaking of which, their universe is so chaotic that they cannot link differentiated ideas or integrate thoughts and feelings.  The resultant incoherence foments mental health issues in their delusional realm.  According to Pew Research, for example, White liberals are much more prone to being bonkers than conservatives.  It's simply not wholesome to hate everything and everybody not of their ilk.

Scientists muse that some universes originate from a black hole.  In the liberal Dems' alternate universe, they are not popping out from, but rather descending into an abyss to be spaghettified into a singularity.  That would help explain their mindset, for they are infinitely dense.

It's disconcerting when a group of space cadets like the hate-filled Squad of progressives and so-called Justice Democrats claim absolute commitment to "justice" because those who disagree must be canceled...and ruined.  Fortunately, some Dems are not as strident; they're just misguided and suffer from a Pinocchio complex.   

Rather than languishing in the cold, cosmic void, they may flounder in the cockeyed metaverse.  After all, a metaverse allows participants to create pandering political personas to suit the virtual situation, rather than an enduring, trustworthy personality.  A metaverse pervaded by virtual and augmented reality would suit their politically convenient truthiness.

The hollow meta-Dems can share holographic experiences in their metaverse's warped dimensions.  I see Biden's avatar resembling the Grim Reaper since he predicted a season of severe illness and discontent, and he's just so unpleasant.  There are all kinds of ogre-like avatars to represent Pelosi and Schumer.  Psaki can be a female Pinocchio since she's adroit at "circling back" to her augmented reality.  And surely a grotesque gargoyle best represents cackling, hide-the-truth Hillary.

Whether they materialize in an unfriendly alternate universe or a menacing metaverse, one thing's for sure: today's demonizing Dems are destructive.  Everything they touch disintegrates.  We can only hope the interlopers are irreversibly separated from our political world after the midterms.  They can feel free to teleport back in through a cosmic hole in hyperspace when they're inclined to be truly inclusive, respectful, and civil.

Image: Maklay62 via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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