DC's Met Police exonerate their own for beating an unconscious woman to death

Last year, without even bothering to interview him, the Capitol Police instantly exonerated Lt. Michael Byrd, the man who shot an unarmed Ashli Babbitt in cold blood.  Now we've learned that the Washington, D.C. police force's Bureau of Internal Affairs has exonerated a police officer who beat an unconscious woman to death.  You know, as I do, that if the two dead women had been Black leftists, instead of White Trump supporters, the outcome of these two investigations would have been very different.

American Thinker has already covered the travesty of Byrd's exoneration, so I won't return to that subject.  This post concerns the death of Rosanne Boyland of Kennesaw, Georgia.  As you may recall, when the media first reported on her death, they stated that she died of an amphetamine overdose, implying that she was a junkie.  Meanwhile, D.C. refused to give her family the autopsy results.  Even Vanity Fair, which did manage to get a copy of the autopsy results, eventually conceded that the finding was later clarified to say she died of an "accidental" Adderall overdose, again implying a drug problem.  In fact, according to her father, Boyland has safely taken the prescription medicine for a decade.

However, the autopsy seems to have left out something interesting: a Metro police officer brutally beat Boyland with both a steel baton and a large wooden stick:

Witnesses to the scene say Boyland fell unconscious after being crushed under the weight of other protesters and for a time stopped breathing.

Video footage reportedly taken after Boyland fell unconscious shows D.C. Metro Police Officer Lila Morris beating Boyland with a steel baton and what appeared to be a wooden walking stick.

Morris can be seen on bodycam footage picking up either a walking stick or tree branch, raising the object over her head and striking Boyland several times in quick succession before being pulled back by other officers.

Boyland's friend, Justin Winchell, who had traveled with her to the capital that day, cried out for police and protesters to help.

"She's gonna die! She's gonna die!" Winchell pleaded. "I need somebody! She's dead!"

Those are damning facts: a video shows a police officer beating an unconscious woman to death.  Further evidence shows that law enforcement refused to provide aid until it was way too late.

Image: Roseanne Boyland, murder victim.  CBS46 video screen grab.

This is a much more heinous case of police brutality than when George Floyd filled himself full of a variety of drugs, including sticking Fentanyl up his rectum, passed counterfeit money, and then fought with police.  Moreover, had the crowd not prevented Derek Chauvin from properly arresting Floyd, it's likely that Floyd's overworked heart wouldn't have given out as he lay there on the sidewalk.  (Considering his heart disease and the amount of illegal drugs in his system, Floyd would still have died, only later.)  Still, Floyd was a cause célèbre, with the media ramping up the hysteria.  Meanwhile, Boyland was lied about with claims that she was a Trumpie junkie.

With every passing day, it becomes more clear that the narrative about January 6 from the mainstream media and Democrat political class (but I repeat myself) is a lie.  Neither Trump nor anyone else at his rally told people to attack Congress, false flag actors were on the ground directing people into the Capitol, those same actors removed signs and fencing that would have alerted people that they were trespassing on grounds that are usually open to the public, and the Capitol police opened the heavy magnetic doors from the inside.

Once the January 6 events took place, the Biden administration was able to weaponize them to intimidate all Trump-supporters into lying low and abandoning all forms of protest lest they too end up imprisoned for a year without any hope of a speedy trial, and with punishments far in excess of those meted out to the violent BLM and Antifa rioters of 2020, who burned cities, looted, assaulted, and murdered people.

The only thing we know with certainty about January 6 is that most of our elected officials are cowards, both physically and morally.  That was probably a useful lesson to learn.

We've also discovered that the D.C. police (whether Metro or Capitol) contain at least a few bad apples and that their hierarchies will give them a pass for murdering two people in cold blood.  That's probably a useful lesson to learn, too.

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