Canadian truckers and Israel

There are remarkable similarities between the Canadian truckers and Israel.

Both have been verbally attacked and ruthlessly criticized for things that have no basis in reality.  Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and others refer to the protesters as swastika-waving Nazis, giving a direct comparison between them and Adolf Hitler for doing nothing more than exercising their right to protest under Canadian law.  Israel has been attacked as fascist, which has become a bastardization of Nazi, despite Benito Mussolini holding different views from Hitler's on the basis of race and the Jewish people being at the receiving end of terrible atrocities committed against them by those they dare to compare Israel to.

The only flags I have seen at the Canadian protests are Canadian flags.  Maple leaves look nothing like swastikas.  When the people scream and shout about swastikas without evidence, they are using propaganda to spread hatred and divide the Canadians against one another.  If there were any truth, someone would have seen a swastika somewhere.

Trudeau and others call the protests illegal without being able to cite a single law to show that an illegal action has been committed by the protesters.  There is no law prohibiting anything the Canadian truckers and their supporters did.  In fact, it is quite legal, or was until he took the ridiculous step of declaring the equivalent of martial law in response to anyone questioning his dictatorial actions.

If the protesters were a violent threat to the Canadian government, why did they not call for Trudeau to step down and threaten force?  Why has their parliament been left untouched?  Why did their government continue to meet without violence being committed against them?

For such a threat to the nation of Canada that the equivalent of martial law had to be declared, why are the only two demands for Trudeau to end the mandates and get rid of the tracking apps that enable the government to spy on their own people?  Not exactly the demands of violent and dangerous protesters.

There is no shortage of media outlets who laughingly call themselves news who have no problem with being used as propaganda for political purposes.  Most Canadian outlets and no shortage of American ones have blindly reported what they have been told to report.  Propaganda is effective for dictators and tyrants the world over.

There are no facts to support the claims.  Every snide comment by the limousine liberal, Trudeau, is raved about by many in the press who could no more tell fact than Pravda did.

Many of the same people who clap and cheer Trudeau on have no problem claiming Israel is an apartheid state.  Not one person can point to a single Israeli law proving it happens.  According to propaganda sources, Arabs are treated horribly in Israel, since all Arabs must be suffering under Israeli apartheid.

No university or hospital in Israel refuses to admit Arabs who are Israeli.  Under apartheid, like the Jim Crow laws that existed in the United States and South Africa, black people were prohibited from going to white hospitals and universities and other legally segregated places.  There are no segregation laws in Israel.

There are Arabs, Christian and Muslim, in the Israeli government and courts.  Teaching at universities and learning at those same universities.  Israeli Christian and Muslim Arabs are not treated separately under the law.

There is no evidence to support the ridiculous claim, but hateful propaganda does not need facts.  It simply needs a target, and there is no bigger target by those who hate Jews than Israel.

Israel, according to the same propagandists, is called a colonizer without ever mentioning a mother country.  It is hard to be a colonizer without one.  Last I checked, there are no Jewish nations in Europe who are colonizing anything.  Just like the apartheid attack, colonizer is as vacuous a claim as maple leaves being swastikas.

When Israel responds to terrorist attacks with self-defense, it is treated like a war crime by propagandists who do not condemn other countries who respond in a similar fashion.  Perhaps the anti-Zionist Jew-haters are too focused on Israel to notice what happens in other countries.

The Canadian trucker protest and Israel have been viciously attacked by those who hate them.  Hatred is a powerful emotion that removes logic.  One cannot reason with someone who hates.

Trudeau and his propagandists hate anyone who does not bow to his will.  That hate is currently focused on the protesters, but it will grow from there to other Canadians who question him.

This is where Israel and the Canadian protesters differ.  The hate of the truckers will pass by those caught up in the propaganda, but the hate of Israel and Jewish people never passes.  Those peaceful protesters are getting a small taste of what happens to Israel every day.

Bob Ryan is a writer who has an MBA and is a science fiction writer and mostly historical blogger.  He has been a weekly blogger at the Times of Israel since 2019.  He is an American Christian Zionist who staunchly supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.

Image: Public Domain Pictures (cropped), free download.

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