Both the left and the right are seeing Justin Trudeau as a pure tyrant

For those who, like me, value freedom, the valiant protest in which the Canadian truckers are engaged is inspiring.  We've also been thrilled to see the thousands of Canadians who turned out to support the truckers.  Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's response (running away, name-calling, huge threats) is beginning to disgust people across the political spectrum.  Polls show, however, that even though a bare majority of Canadians dislike mandates, most of them are still inert.

In the conservative blogosphere, writers have made no secret of how much Trudeau repulses them.  Douglas Murray sums up the feelings of lots of people when he writes (behind a Telegraph paywall):

As time goes on it becomes clear that Trudeau really is the worst leader in the democratic world. His principal qualifications for the role were that he had been a primary school teacher and that his father had been prime minister before him.

Other than that, he simply promised to do things differently, to be more empathetic, to emote more, to be more feminine and more understanding.


Unfortunately, if you do not happen to agree with the silken-haired premier, he will have zero time for you. In recent months, as the rest of the world has adapted to Covid, Trudeau seems to have boxed himself into a corner on the matter.

In an effort to persuade the population to get vaccinated, Trudeau did everything he could to defame those who disagreed with him. This extended to him dismissing anyone hesitant about taking the vaccine as being (guess what?) racist, mysogynistic [sic] and more. Trudeau had no evidence for any of this, but this is the modern way of excommunicating any person or group of people. Say that they are racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobes and you have successfully un-personed such people.

John Nolte, another conservative, compares Trudeau to George Wallace:

By any measure, Trudeau's vaccine mandates are indefensible. Trudeau's dehumanizing rhetoric against the unvaccinated (or those who support the vaccine and oppose mandates) is monstrous. Trudeau's willingness to practice open segregation against people over personal medical choices is tyrannical.

What Democrat Gov. George Wallace was to the civil rights movement, Justin Trudeau is to the Freedom Convoy.

Trudeau is the villain fighting an unjust cause.

Trudeau is the fascist willing to destroy innocent people's livelihoods to enforce immoral laws.

Trudeau is the gangster ready to commit violence rather than admit he is wrong.

Well, sure.  That's what we'd expect conservatives to say.  What's interesting, though, is that this dripping disdain is beginning to come from people on the left, too.

Matt Taibbi has compared Trudeau to Romanian tyrant Nicolae Ceaușescu.  This isn't because Trudeau is the despot Ceaușescu was (yet).  It's because Trudeau, like Ceaușescu, is so immured in his sense of tyrannical rightness that he is unable to see that the people have turned against him.  (Although maybe Trudeau's right.  More on that in a minute.)

Image: Justin Trudeau, North American tyrant (edited).  YouTube screen grab.

And Bill Maher, of all people, compared Trudeau to Hitler for an insightful reason: Trudeau, going beyond just otherizing unvaccinated people by calling them racist and misogynistic, said, "They take up space and, with that, we have to make a choice — in terms of a leader in a country — do we tolerate these people?"

Maher was offended.  "No, they're not.  Tolerate these—?  Now you do sound like Hitler."

Yes, Trudeau is bad.  But it's sadly possible the Canadian people just don't care.  David Solway, a Canadian, points out something ugly:

The problem is that fully two-thirds of the electorate rejects or is indifferent to the trucker revolt against unscrupulous and demagogic power. According to an Angus Reid poll, 54% of Canadians would like to see the COVID-19 mandates lifted, yet they are not interested in standing up for the Freedom Convoy that carries their banner. The trucker unions jealous of their perquisites and the bought-and-paid-for national press have also sided with the wielders of tyrannical authority.


A supine and compliant majority population, even more than a corrupt and imperious governing elite, will determine whether the nation survives or not. The truckers are battling not only a prime minister who admires Communist China and Castroite Cuba, or a banausic troglodyte like Ontario premier Doug Ford, but a majority citizenry that cares little for democratic freedoms and wishes only to get on with things as they were, fully vaccinated and content to go about masked and docile like a Costco herd of narcotized zombies.

No matter the insults one levels at Trudeau, it appears that the Canadian people got the leader they deserve.  I pity those who seek liberty there just as, here in America, I pity those Americans stuck with Biden. 

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