Bombshell documents reveal the Big Lie behind the Trump Ukraine impeachment

When President Trump called Ukraine’s president in the summer of 2020, he asked—without conditions—that Ukraine investigate whether then-Veep Biden used taxpayer money to force the discharge of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was coming close to Burisma Holdings, which had Hunter Biden on the payroll. Democrats called this an illegal quid pro quo and impeached Trump. It now turns out that Biden was lying big time when he claimed he needed to fire a “corrupt” prosecutor. In fact, the Obama State Department strongly supported the prosecutor. Biden was just giving Burisma its money’s worth.

In 2016, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, Viktor Shokin, was investigating Burisma Holdings. Not coincidentally, Hunter Biden, whose father was then Obama’s vice president, was on the company’s board and getting $83,000 a month. Hunter did not speak a word of Ukrainian and knew nothing about Ukraine or the oil and gas business. His only benefit to Burisma was his father.

Most people might not have known or cared about these facts were it not for Biden’s inability to resist puffing about himself. He showed up at a talk at the Council of Foreign Relations in 2018 and boasted about how he had bullied Ukraine’s government into firing Shokin before he would release foreign aid money upon which Ukraine depended:

Once the video was made public, alert people figured out that, at the same time that Biden was strong-arming Shokin’s firing by threatening to withhold taxpayer money, Hunter was a stuffed animal sitting on the board of a deeply corrupt company Shokin was investigating. Hmmm.

When Trump had his 2020 phone call with incoming Ukraine President Zelensky, he first discussed foreign aid. Only after he’d wrapped up that discussion did Trump casually ask if Zelensky could look into whether there was any malfeasance involving Biden and Shokin’s firing. It was this request that the Democrats used to justify impeaching Trump.

Biden helped the Democrats’ cause by insisting that there was nothing untoward about his conduct. He was, he said, carrying out the Obama administration’s “official policy” of rooting out corruption in Ukraine:

“What I did in Ukraine was carry out the official policy of the United States government: to root out corruption in Ukraine in conjunction with our European allies, the International Monetary Fund and its leader, our closest democratic allies,” Biden said. “It was a fully transparent policy, carried out in front of the whole world, and fully, fully embraced by the international community of democracies.”

Now, though, thanks to documents that Just The News and Southeastern Legal Foundation obtained via FOIA, we know that Biden’s statement was—surprise!—a bald-faced lie. The State Department was completely supportive of Shokin:

“We have been impressed with the ambitious reform and anti-corruption agenda of your government,” then-Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland personally wrote Shokin in an official letter dated June 9, 2015 that was delivered to the prosecutor two days later by then-U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt.

Nuland, who is now Biden’s undersecretary of state, managed to keep this fact a secret during the impeachment. Indeed, she lied under oath to the Senate, telling them that she and other officials in the State department were frustrated by Shokin’s performance.

Image: Joe Biden boasts about his corruption (edited in befunky). YouTube screen grab.

All this material, of course, was exculpatory when it came to Trump asking Ukraine to investigate possible corruption in the American government. Yet someone at State (or was it Adam Schiff?) withheld this evidence from him.

But while everyone is talking about the impeachment and how Trump was railroaded, I’d like to talk about something else: BIDEN LIED!! This was not a little lie about something inconsequential. This was not puffery. This was not a failed memory. This was a bold, deliberate lie that Biden told intending not only to hide his own corruption but also to destroy a sitting president running for reelection.

Looking at the panoply of American presidents, I do not believe that there has ever been anyone as blatantly corrupt as Biden, and that’s including Andrew Johnson and Warren G. Harding. And I know with certainty that there’s never been an American president who so willingly sold out his own country to the highest bidder, using his debauched, drug-addicted son as his bagman.

It's not clear to me that Biden will face his just deserts in this life. However, to the extent that he claims, however risibly, to be a man of faith, I sincerely hope that, when he departs this earth, he has a true “come to Jesus” moment with Jesus and that it does not go well for him.

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