BLM and Democrats quickly bail out alleged wannabe-assassin of Jewish mayoral candidate

Finally realizing that doing the same thing again and again but expecting a different result may not be insane as Albert Einstein may or may not have said but sure is stupid, Amazon

kicked Black Lives Matter off its charity platform AmazonSmile on Tuesday as the social justice [sic! —ECF] organization faces intense scrutiny from multiple states over the status of its financial windfall from 2020.

The move deprives BLM of a major revenue source that has provided $306 million to U.S. charities and comes less than two years after Amazon itself donated $10 million to BLM and 11 other social justice groups [sic!] amid the nationwide unrest spurred by George Floyd's killing.

Awwww, why did Amazon do a nasty thing like that?  BLM's co-founder has the answer.

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who resigned from BLM in May, said last Wednesday that the unaccounted millions her group received in 2020 came from "white corporation guilt."

Oh.  Hmm, so Amazon doesn't believe that its "white corporation guilt"  trumps BLM's "unaccounted millions."  How white of them.  Or something.

Meanwhile,  Cullors didn't display much BLM black nonprofit guilt or anguish when 

[t]he Louisville Community Bail Fund, an affiliate of the city's Black Lives Matter chapter, posted $100,000 bail on Wednesday to spring Quintez Brown from jail following his arrest on charges of trying to assassinate Jewish Democratic mayoral hopeful Craig Greenberg. 

Oooooh!  The victim, Craig Greenberg, is white!  He's Jewish!  He is a he/him/male!  Craig Greenberg, who wants to be mayor of Louisville, Kentucky is a Jewish white male.  Oh, yeah — now it is understandable why the local BLM chapter decided to spring an alleged murderer and so easily proffered this high (to some) amount.  

The group's ability to quickly procure such a hefty sum comes thanks to its support from prominent Democratic organizations.

The bail fund, for example, has an active page on ActBlue, the political fundraising platform used universally by Democratic candidates across the country. Justice Democrats—a far-left PAC that supports Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) and Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.)—also actively fundraises for the bail group on the platform. Contributions sent to the Louisville Community Bail Fund through ActBlue are routed through the Tides Center, a liberal dark money behemoth that has received millions of dollars from Soros. Tides gave nearly $740,000 to the bail fund in 2020, tax filings show.

The Louisville Community Bail Fund's presence on the Democratic Party's leading fundraising platform undercuts party leaders' repeated denials of being soft on crime. (snip)

ActBlue, Justice Democrats, (sic! ECF) and the Tides Center did not return requests for comment.

And just who is the alleged assassin that Louisville's BLM sprung?

A prominent Louisville activist, Brown accused police of working to "maintain the status quo of the spectacular Black death" in a 2021 Louisville Courier Journal column

And the victim,

Greenberg, meanwhile, is an unabashed supporter of police — his campaign is centered on a plan to root out violent crime by hiring more law enforcement officers.

But it was the BLM's "unaccounted millions" that upset Amazon, not the attempted murder of a Jewish white male mayoral hopeful by an alleged BLM supporter.  And this didn't matter, either to the Democrat party,  ActBlue, Justice Democrats (sic!), the Tides Center, or George Soros, plus the other usual more than suspects who will probably blame the victim for being a white Jewish male oppressor who triggered Brown's perfectly reasonable action.  He and his family deserve their pain.

Although sympathetic to Brown's alleged mental health problems, Greenberg himself tweeted about the shooting's effect on him and his family.  

Our criminal justice system is clearly broken. It is nearly impossible to believe that someone can attempt murder on Monday and walk out of jail on Wednesday.  If someone is struggling with a mental illness and is in custody, they should be evaluated and treated in custody. We must work together to fix this system. 

Sadly, like others who suffer from a broken system, my team and family have been traumatized again by this news. (snip)

Mr. Brown and his family are hurting.  My family and team are hurting.  I pray for everyone involved in this alarming incident.

White Lives Matter.  Jewish Lives Matter.  Male Lives Matter.  ALL Lives Matter.

Image: Jericho via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0.

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