BlackRock Investment’s CEO is forcing wokism on American corporations

BlackRock Investment is a company bigger than most of you can imagine. BlackRock and The Vanguard Group, together, own just about every business in America (not to mention a staggering amount of real property). It turns out that BlackRock’s CEO, a guy named Larry Fink, is another one of those limousine leftists who believes it’s his job to force leftism on America, one corporation at a time. He’s also gung-ho on China and uses the money of ordinary investors to help fund Chinese aggression. This isn’t capitalism, this oligarchy and it needs to be addressed.

Rather than do a lot of writing, I’ll just offer you two short and one medium-length videos. First, Vivek Ramaswamy manages to explain in under one minute how Larry Fink is using investors’ money to push American corporations further and further left:

Second, a group called Consumers’ Research has put had a short video focusing on Larry Fink’s strong support for the Chinese Communist Party—again, using investors’ money:

The group has also set up a website that covers topics such as Fink’s love for China, woke pressure on American corporations, use of ordinary Americans’ financial trouble to increase his financial control and BlackRock’s holdings, and his “controversial resume,” among other things. It all paints a very ugly picture.

Image: Larry Fink. YouTube screen grab.

And third, I’m going to revisit a video I posted at American Thinker in June. A Dutch woman created the video by working her way through publicly available information (often from Wikipedia). The result of her research is a demonstration that, contrary to what we think about our capitalist system, neither private investors nor a broad range of institutional investors owns most of this country’s corporations. Instead, BlackRock and The Vanguard Group pretty much own everything:



If you don't want to watch the video or don't have 45 minutes to spare, you can read the transcript here

If you type “Larry Fink” into YouTube, you’ll also find a video entitled “Larry Fink—The Most Powerful Man in Finance.” I haven’t watched it but I suspect it’s illuminating, whether it praises or damns him.

One aspect of my conservativism is that I am opposed to any single person or entity having too much power. Concentrated power never works well for ordinary people. Moreover, I believe that one of America’s greatest strengths over the centuries has been its diffuse power, and the room that creates for ordinary people to do great things.

BlackRock and Larry Fink are everything I fear and dislike: Too much power and too much money concentrated in a single entity and person. I don’t have any idea how this can be addressed—perhaps falling back on the type of anti-monopoly policies that made Teddy Roosevelt so great—but something must be done. No one person should have that much control over America’s destiny.

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