Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada should start worrying

Everyone recalls Biden's remark that the U.S. might soft-pedal its response if Russia engaged in only a "minor incursion" in Ukraine.  Well, surprise, surprise!  Given the green light from Biden, Russia is unilaterally annexing only a portion of Ukraine.  There's its "minor incursion."  Biden is trying to talk and act tough, but it's too late.  And here's something to ponder: don't think that can't happen here.

Having given Putin the go-ahead, Biden is now imposing a few sanctions on Putin's cronies, as well as putting a sanction on sovereign debt, limiting Putin's ability to raise money in the West (but there's still China...).  This was because even Biden had to concede that what Putin grabbed wasn't a minor incursion.  Instead, Biden admitted, "Russia just announced that it is carving out a big chunk of Ukraine."

Put another way, Putin just grabbed one quarter of the country and a much greater percentage of its mining and heavy industry.  Significantly, he did so by claiming that this is what the mostly Russian people in those regions wanted.

That brings me to Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.  Putin's model was to "seed" the Donets Basin region of Ukraine with Russian-speaking, Putin-loyal immigrants, tipping the demographics toward Russia.  Does this sound in any way familiar?  The Southwestern U.S. at one time totally belonged to Mexico, but, after the Mexican-American War and the Gadsden Purchase, the Stars and Stripes flew over the Grand Canyon.

Images: Latin Americans head for America.  YouTube screen grab.

Let's engage in some political exaggeration here and suppose that, after the illegal immigration tsunami across the U.S. southern border, the Mexican government one day stirs up anti-American feeling in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico; says its countrymen are being horribly mistreated; and sends in the Mexican army (with help from Cuba, Venezuela, and China) to set things right.  It'd be only 10–15% of American territory, so it would constitute a "minor incursion."  Joe (or, by then, Pete Buttigieg) will likely slap crushing tariffs on avocados, hot peppers, and Corona beer.  But thereafter, seeing the Grand Canyon will require a passport.

Does anyone believe that, were such a fanciful development to actually happen, our homegrown U.S. wokesters wouldn't rationalize and justify the annexation?  That's right — in a nanosecond.  Starting from the universities, then snaking through the media, the establishment churches, and the entire leftist echo chamber, the cry would be that we stole it from Mexico once and this is simply justice long in the making.  Plus it will make getting fentanyl and heroin to U.S. metropolitan markets that much speedier.

But let's get serious for just one minute.  The "minor incursion" green light that Biden (Obama) and Co. just flashed dictators worldwide will reap a grisly harvest.  Why can't Venezuela grab tiny Guyana?  It's minor after all.  Why can't Putin enlarge his access to the Baltic at Lithuanian or Polish expense?  Why can't Trudeau take back a chunk of Maine?  And why, oh, why can't Xi Jinping get his hands on Taiwan Semiconductor?

Reflect that Putin took Crimea on Obama's watch, then takes the Donets Basin on Biden's watch.  Notice a pattern here, America?  We will never know what is treason and what is rank stupidity and weakness, but clearly, the left (i.e., the Democrat masterminds and overlords) just rolled out the welcome mat for thugs the world over.  Our children and grandchildren are about to inherit a dangerous world.

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