AOC releases video that proves Ted Cruz's point that Dems and their 'fact-checkers' have been lying about him

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is having a rough week with Senator Ted Cruz.  Her vastly inflated opinion of her own intelligence has once again led her out on a limb that Cruz is only too willing and able to saw off for her.

In case you missed it, do take a look at her attempt to denigrate the Texas senator that ended disastrously for her.  This time, she was not aiming at Cruz, but rather, in her boasting about herself, she provided evidence that incriminated Democrat Senator Dick Durbin and assorted media "fact-checkers" for lying about Cruz.

AOC released a video in which she bragged about getting stimulus money to "huge amounts" of illegals.

We fought tooth and nail for the inclusion of undocumented people in relief packages, stimulus checks, FEMA assistance. And we've actually helped huge amounts of undocumented families in our district get federal relief that many others were trying to lock them out of.

When he saw this video, the senator "pounced," as the Washington Post likes to say when conservatives reveal progressives' hypocrisy:

In fact, a year ago, when Senator Cruz first brought up the problem that illegals (not to mention prison inmates) were going to get stimulus money, he was viciously attacked, as these tweets demonstrate: 

So, it is obvious that Senator Cruz has scored a victory over his critics.  But does he have to credit AOC for an assist?

Photo credit: Rumble video screen grab.

Major hat tip: The Right Scoop.

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