An AP reporter does some actual journalism at the State Department

The same media types who were horrified at the thought of the Gulf War, even though it was ostensibly to increase America's security, are all in for the Biden administration's frantic effort to get America involved in a winter land war against Russia that will confer no benefit whatsoever on America.  That's why it was strange and wonderful to watch the Associated Press's Matt Lee nail Ned Price, the State Department's spokesman, as he insisted that the media must trust the State Department when it comes to claims about Putin's sneaky doings.

The clip that's making the rounds comes in the middle of a longer back and forth, so a little context is necessary.  Ned Price announced that Putin was engaged in "false flag" operations so he could justify Russia's imminent invasion of Ukraine.

Here's a little more context: Russia has been hungry for Ukraine forever.  The Crimea offers a warm water port that opens into the Mediterranean.  Also, as Anony Mee mentioned to me when we talked (she's a personal friend), it's very likely that Putin, who is not a brain-dead climatista, recognizes that the world is about to get very cold.  Although Russia's population is shrinking, even a shrinking population needs food, and Putin may be thinking of Ukraine's golden grain.

In that context, the real false flag pretext is probably Putin's claim that Ukraine joining NATO is a threat.  In fact, it appears that the Europeans don't want NATO in Ukraine.  More than that, as Putin's separate negotiations with the Europeans show, the Europeans are entirely dependent on Russia for their energy and have no intention of going to war against it.  Germany has shut down its nuclear plants, and Biden not only ended America as a net energy exporter, but also gave the seal of approval to Russia's pipeline into Europe.  Ukraine, too, is not anxious for war, and Ukraine's president had to walk back Biden's hysteria — forcing Biden to walk it back as well.

Image: The State Department’s Ned Price.  Twitter screen grab.

All of this leaves one thinking that if there's any national leader out there putting out disinformation to justify an attack, it's Joe Biden.  And truly, this is the kind of war that leftists love because, as I said, it confers no benefit whatsoever on America.  If America benefits, leftists automatically impute evil, colonialist, racist motives to the war.  However, if America goes to war for a corrupt faraway nation that doesn't want to go to war at all, what could be better?

And again, the media are all on board.  Except, it seems, for the Associated Press's Matt Lee, who basically said to Ned Price, the State Department spokesman, I think you're lying.  Until you put actual proof on the table, there's no reason for me, a seasoned foreign policy reporter, to take you at your word:

Lee is direct: just because Ned Price says something, that is not evidence.  And what's amazing is how Price either cannot or will not understand the principle of actual evidence versus "trust us, we're the State Department."  What Lee is almost, although not quite, explicitly saying is "I don't trust you."

And neither should anyone else.  Even at the best of times, the State Department is unreliable, but in a Biden administration, the unreliable factor has gone into the stratosphere.

As of this writing, Lee's attack on the State Department's probity has been viewed almost 3 million times.

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