Americans, go back to your roots!

You know, I used to listen to Biden, even though I knew he was lying.  I got real tired of researching everything he said only to find that it was misleading or an outright lie.

Now I put all the government information we receive in that category.  I'm done wasting my time researching what they say or do.  I am done being disrespected, insulted, threatened, and abused.

Now he is talking about a war we all knew was going to happen, and I'm not listening.  It's been going on since before the Afghanistan debacle, since the open border.  All they had to do was continue our energy independence, keep the Russian pipeline on freeze, and continue our foreign policy, and Putin would never have considered invading Ukraine.  That decision would be illogical, and Putin isn't stupid.  He is KGB.  He knows that if he doesn't invade Ukraine now, he may never have the opportunity to do it in the future.  He knows that America will not stop him, as does China when it comes to Taiwan, or Iran when it comes to Israel, not to mention what North Korea is thinking of.  We are in a critical situation here, and the government put us there.

It's amazing to realize, after all that, that we have many critical situations here in America.  As dire as the world stage is, a lot of dire things are happening here in America, to Americans.  If you don't believe we are living through a critical point in our history as a free republic, it is critical that you open your eyes.

Back in Lincoln's day, there were thousands of Americans in the streets across the nation, known as "Wide Awakes."  They were a beacon of the concept "all men are created equal" when it came to enslaved people.  They loved Lincoln because they didn't see him as a part of the corrupt government; he was one of them and what America needed.

The point is, America is now at that point again, for the opposite reasons.  Those who are Wide Awake should express how this government, with these policies, is not what is best for America or Americans.

The other guys have "Woke"; we have "Wide Awake."  I like our odds.

Once again, I am compelled to go back to our Founders, to those men who created the Republic we all live in.  If you haven't read about the Founders — their debates, their letters (the Federalist Papers) — and don't fully understand how this nation was created, you are depriving yourself of a great experience.  Once you see their intent, fears, vision, all the safeguards created against an abusive government, you see their wisdom.  Think about this: who else in the history of civilization created a nation where all the rights of citizens were given them by a God?  When it comes to protecting your freedoms, it doesn't get more secure than that.

Believe me: it's a lot of reading.  But it's not only our history; it's our ancestry.  Get some coffee, a beer, wine, sit back, and have some fun.  Check out your roots, check out America, and love her even more than you do today.

Don't ever doubt this: American patriots are the majority, and we always win.

Image via Pixy.

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