After a big show of force against truckers, Trudeau's regime bruits making its new powers permanent

It's just this one little sliver of Sudetenland.

It's just ten days to stop the spread.

It's just some street clearing in Canada. 

And now we have this from the Trudeau regime, seeking to make its highly questionable power grab against the truckers protesting Canada's vaccine mandates a part of its permanent powers:

The hamfisted crackdown, which involved confiscated bank accounts, the targeting, and removal of children and pets, the doxxing of donors, the stealing of large crowdfunding takes, the arrests of leaders, and horses trampling people (any talk about 'whips' there?), apparently is no longer going to be some sort of invoked emergency power, if the Trudeau government gets its way. It will become a way of life.

Obviously, the Trudeauvians like that feeling of power. They'd like more of it. Ten days to stop the spread -- no, make that ten-thousand days. Laws are for little people and Trudeau flies above the law. Corporations are his handmaiden. Trudeau is truly his daddy's son -- the one who lies buried in Havana. And he too dreams of being a dictator:

Why does this matter?

According to William A. Jacobson, writing in Legal Insurrection, this is not an irrelevant story for us Americans:

Trudeau is dangerous not just because he’s abusing Canadians, but because he is providing the wish list for crackdowns by Democrats in the U.S.

We see it already. Big tech corporations do the Democrats’ bidding in silencing critics through deplatforming, censoring content from publication or social media sharing, deplatforming websites from hosting companies and, as in the case of Parler, from the cloud and app stores. Funding platforms like GoFundMe are pressured to suspend fundraising and deprive the beneficiary of the donations, and payment processors and banks are pressured to cut off deplorables. Removing the political opposition from the modern financial and technology systems is what Justin Trudeau is doing, and it’s the dream of the political progressives in the U.S.

It’s already happening here, though not with the brazenness of Trudeau. The Biden administration gives cover to and enourages every one of the actions listed in the preceding paragraph by declaring political opposition domestic terrorists (even parents at school boards), and by broadly blurring the distinction between policial dissent and terrorism. Social media platforms openly are solicited by the Biden administration to crack down on dissent.

Now that the Biden administration is grossly unpopular, facing terrible polls, and unlikely to cheat their way into winning the next election based on various legislative actions taken in the states, how likely would it be for the old dotard with no political future to start steps to increase his power?

It almost seems like a foregone conclusion. We do have more laws and protections here in the states than the Canadians do, but we've got to use them, hard, as well as get out and vote. Trudeau is a bellwether of sorts for the states and it's not tolling a pretty song.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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