Across America, teachers are going to war against students

(See also Pandra Selivanov's post about students and parents pushing back against Gavin Newsom's mandates about student masks.)

The Democrat establishment, recognizing that Americans have had it with masks (especially as studies show that they don't work), is pulling back from mask mandates.  However, America's teachers are not ready to let their students — whom they clearly consider dangerous little vermin — return to class maskless.  Doing so might allow them to spew their child germs on those people who state and local governments believe are fit people to oversee America's up-and-coming generations.

Suddenly, four strong Democrat-run states are abandoning school mask mandates.  The AP reports that the governors in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, and Oregon are lifting the mask mandates, whether by the end of February or sometime in March.

Meanwhile, CNN's resident Marxist doctor, Leana Wen (who once led Planned Parenthood, so you know how much she cares about children), suddenly announced that "the science has changed," and children should no longer wear masks.  In case you were wondering, conservatives have known about this changed science for at least a year now.  What's changed is the political scene.

The message that either the politics or the science has changed hasn't yet reached America's teachers.  The Libs of Tik Tok account on Twitter has released this astonishing thread about the punitive measures Chicago teachers are taking now that a ruling has made masks optional.  For your convenience, when images cannot be seen without clicking on the tweet, I've embedded them immediately after the tweet in which they appear:

These teachers are paranoid and delusional.  If they weaned themselves off MSNBC, CNN, and The Nation, they'd know that, even though the Fauci administration has made it impossible to obtain therapeutics, which would enable people to treat COVID before it becomes deadly, COVID still has only a <1% mortality rate (on average) for people under 65 years old.  And of course, young people (a) are unlikely to get or to spread COVID; (b) are very unlikely, absent comorbidities, to become ill with COVID; and (c) frequently react very badly to vaccines.

But it's not just Chicago's teachers who are mean and crazy.  The Ripon Unified School District in California has announced that parents who send unmasked children to school will be reported to Child Protective Services (CPS):

Thankfully, I never had a run-in with those CPS bureaucrats when my children were young, but I knew many who did.  I wrote about it here, fourteen years ago.  I've heard worse stories since then.  Once parents are in CPS's toils, no matter how wrongfully, they can never escape.  The parents end up co-parenting with power-hungry, vicious, and (ironically) often childless bureaucrats.  Meanwhile, in Virginia, the now-infamous Loudoun County School District (the one that gives rapists a second chance) gave principals step-by-step instructions about how to get warrants to have parents and students arrested for following the state's new standards striking down mandatory mask-wearing in schools:

There are many more such stories circulating about terrified, power-crazed teachers trying to destroy young people.

Frankly, I think this whole thing is wonderful.  I've been ranting and raving for two decades about the teachers' unions and the leftist teachers in public schools.

My children were fortunate enough to attend a good school district, and there were a handful of decent teachers.  Most of them, though, were morons.  (And I apologize to all the smart, dedicated teachers out there, the ones like my father, but these teachers certainly weren't showing up at my kids' well funded suburban public schools.)

Despite the rank stupidity emanating from these "educators," parents were slavish in their praise because their kids were essentially little hostages in classrooms, and the teachers knew that suburban parents need their kids to get college-worthy grades.  The great thing about the last two years of distance learning is that it brought classrooms into people's homes, which has been a learning experience for many American parents.

There was something even more disturbing than the teachers' ignorance, though.  That was the fact that, unlike students in my generation, who viewed their teachers with a certain amount of cynicism, my kids and their peers, even if they disliked their teachers, believed them absolutely.  So it was that my children could simultaneously revile their science teachers while accepting absolutely the climate change narrative.  They could complain that their history teacher was useless but accept his claim that America was irremediably evil.  I think that this year has taken the bloom off those academic roses.

As for the children, don't worry too much about them.  Kids are resilient.  They've come out of concentration camps, gulags, ghettos, and other horrible places and survived.  With loving, supportive parents and chastened, decent schools, they will still thrive.

Image: A Chicago teacher's rules.  Twitter screen grab.

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