A Virginia mother reads her local school board the riot act about masks

Every day brings more evidence of two extremely important points about COVID: (1) children are not at risk (nor do they spread the virus), and (2) the cloth masks that are as good as being stapled onto children's faces don't prevent COVID's spread but do cause terrible harm to children.  I was going to write at length about these data, but Tucker Carlson's Thursday monologue does such a comprehensive job that I have little to say.

However, before you watch Tucker, you must watch a Virginia mother lacerate the Prince William County School Board and superintendent.

The mother is Merianne Jensen.  She has the facts at her fingertips about the problems with masks for children.  And she also has a fact that effectively humiliates the Prince William County school superintendent:

Jensen and the cheering parents seated behind here are the groundswell.  These are the Mama and Papa Bears who, regardless of their former political affiliations, love their children more than they love leftist politics (and I have no idea what Jensen's politics are or were).  These aren't the crazy women you see on CNN and MSNBC praying that their six-month-old infant can get the shot.  Instead, these are the suburban soccer moms and dads who will do anything for their children.  And these are the parents who, for the last year, have seen their children decline emotionally, socially, and academically.

I was going to include in this post several other reports about tyrannical schools and insane mask mandates.  Then, as is often the case, I watched Tucker Carlson's monologue and realized that he does a better job than I could do in the space and time available to me.  So here's Tucker:

(If you are unable to get the video to play, you can view it or read the transcript here.)

Image: Merianne Jensen (edited in befunky).  Twitter screen grab.

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