A school board member wants to arrest a mom who exposes her hypocrisy

Two videos have been kicking around for a few days but not getting the traction I feel they deserve. They were taken at a school board meeting, apparently in Virginia, and they show a mom shaming a school board member who apparently believes that children must remain masked even as she doesn’t wear masks herself. The school board member’s over-the-top reaction is very telling. She knows she’s been caught and, after trying to bluster it out, she runs away.

Unfortunately, the two videos have very poor sound quality. Part of the problem is that the offended board member is speaking so loudly and stridently that she drowns out all other voices. Let me walk you through it.

Because this is apparently in Virginia, masks should be at the parents’ discretion. This became so in January because of an executive order that Governor Youngkin issued. Then, last week, the Virginia legislature made parental choice a matter of state law. Some school districts, though, at least during the period of Youngkin’s executive order, have insisted that students must wear masks.

It’s patently clear that this school board meeting occurred in a district that still insists masks are mandatory. The parent standing before the board has on her phone pictures of one of the school board members—presumably one fully in favor of continuing to put useless face diapers on children—appearing in crowded places without a mask.

Just listen to that school board member stridently trying to shut the mother down, insisting that the mother may only talk about the children. But of course, the mother is talking about the children by showing that the school board member exists to serve the teacher’s union and, personally, couldn’t care less about masks.

Eventually, when the mother refuses to be silent, the school board member demands that she be arrested. A diffident, obviously uncomfortable officer goes up and talks to the mother.

We can only assume that calmer heads prevailed because the mother was not arrested. Instead, she appears in a second video and states, quite clearly, that she and the other parents are coming to take away the jobs of these petty tyrants. “We are coming for your seat!” At which point the hypocritical board member announces, “You can have my seat,” and walks out. It’s gorgeous to watch:

@angelaakersdoublea ♬ original sound - Angela Akers

School boards need to be brought to heel and exposing their members’ hypocrisy is a great way to do it.

Image: TikTok screen grab.

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