Who are the real conspiracy theorists?

There are radical factions within the Democrat party that claim they have been awakened to an ongoing conspiracy that they are determined to thwart.  The conspiracy began when the colonies were settled and continues to this day.  The conspirators are white males who settled the country, formed governments, and passed laws to assure their supremacy and dominion.

The colonists had limited options regarding how to proceed when they arrived in the New World.  Upon landing, when confronted by aboriginal people, they could have turned the Mayflower around and returned to religious persecution in England, negotiated an equitable arrangement with the native peoples, or used the advanced weapons technology they possessed to assure their survival in a hostile environment.  The awakened radicals — let's call them woke — know that once the colonists chose to settle the continent on their own terms, they imported slaves from Africa to work the plantations in the South.

These facts are undeniable, but the conspiracy conjured by the woke moves adroitly from the realm of fact to fiction.  They have concluded that the nation was founded for the benefit of white men, the Constitution was ratified to legitimize slavery, and other legislation was written to support white supremacy.

One might analyze American history and conclude that actions like the abolition movement, Civil War, constitutional amendments providing citizenship and voting rights to slaves, and civil rights acts that delivered equality to all people are part of a remarkable progressive history.  The woke have concluded that these apparently altruistic actions were part of an elaborate scheme to conceal the conspiracy and assure white supremacy.  They've concluded that all laws and any action, no matter how benevolent, are part of the conspiracy.

Considering this, it's not surprising that factions within the Democratic Party have chosen not to enforce laws that support the conspiracy.  Why police the borders to enforce immigration laws that serve only as a protection for white people?  The woke believe that the police are part of the conspiracy.  They want to defund the police and have elected woke district attorneys in many cities that support criminals instead of prosecuting them.  Their argument: Racists laws should not be recognized with enforcement.

If you question Woke arguments, you are dismissed as a racist.  Disagreement makes you part of the conspiracy.  Anyone who is not woke is a racist, misogynist, chauvinist, or likely all vile racial epithets rolled into a dangerous co-conspirator.  If you speak your mind, even in jest, you must be ostracized to clarify your role as a pariah in the new woke culture.

George Orwell foresaw the doublethink and thought police that are now a woke reality.  The woke have concluded that no rational person would deny their purview, so discussion is irrelevant.  Freedom of speech should be suspended for those who disagree with them.  If you don't travel down the same road as the woke, you are on the wrong road.  Robert Frost suggested it can make all the difference to take the road less traveled.  The woke would close all roads but the one they travel.

  Their philosophy and conjured history are documented.  The New York Times has published the 1619 Project recording opinions, myths, and smatterings of history, feigning a legitimate basis for the white conspiracy the woke have conjured.  Liberal lawyers have hypothesized Critical Race Theory, which began the narrative that all laws are established to perpetuate white supremacy.  This propaganda is now being taught in public schools and colleges in all parts of the country.  Many parents are disturbed by this.  The response from Democrats has been to tell parents they aren't qualified to provide input on their children's curricula.

President Biden has communicated clearly that he believes that the biggest threats to the security of the country are white supremacists.  When one considers that liberals believe that anyone who isn't woke is a white supremacist, one must conclude that vast swaths of the public may now be investigated as terrorists.  Billions of dollars have been spent to purchase sophisticated surveillance equipment that has been used to spy on innocent Americans.  The FBI has been caught tampering with evidence provided to FISA courts so agents can illegally spy on Americans.  There is no reason to believe that the government isn't illegally searching and seizing the personal property of innocent Americans.

American history tells us that Native Americans were treated poorly as the nation was settled.  Slavery is evil.  Importing humans to toil in the fields was a wrong that can never be made right.  If a group of people wants to subscribe to a notion that white people conspire against the nation's minorities for their own benefit, that is their prerogative.  If they want to engage in lively debate about this topic, bring it on.

But if the woke expect individuals and the culture to bend to their conjured notions, forget it.  This is America, where everyone is free to think freely and reach his own conclusions.

The country has worked to change its culture.  Hundreds of thousands of men died in a civil war to free the slaves.  The Constitution was amended to provide rights to minorities and women.  Laws were written to guarantee these rights.  The woke ignore these facts, disseminate propaganda that divides the country, indoctrinate students with this propaganda, and threaten to investigate law-abiding citizens as terrorists.  This must be stopped, and the course of the nation corrected before the country is overwhelmed by the carefully crafted conspiracy of the woke.

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