When the people stop believing the government and the media

Arguably the USSR crumbled because everybody was lying to everybody else, so that nothing could be believed, including (especially) economic transactions. 

With the Biden Administration, the US has entered this same territory. Anyone paying attention can see that the occupant of the White House lapses into dementia on a regular and accelerating basis.  In moments of crisis, he is quietly sent out to have some ice cream and go shopping while the hidden hands that make the real decisions (and make them badly) take over.

YouTube screengrab (cropped)

The propaganda efforts, a joint project of the media and the progressives in control of the Biden administration, no longer even attempt a veneer of plausibility, contradicting the everyday direct experiences of Americans:

… the USDA claims: "2021 retail food price inflation continued at same pace as 2020…."

Our media are now owned by half a dozen transnationals, with the practical effect that they all collude in their "narratives," leaving us surrounded by lies. This is not just a moral and ethical challenge, but it's also immensely impractical for a fairly free market, which freezes when info is centralized. The media owners and colluders have all the info, the free market has very little. 

In the Brezhnev years, the magic evaporated, and the children of the nomenklatura started to laugh at their parents. Credibility crumbled, and that undermined everything. The Five-Year Plans were ridiculous, but now ordinary people started to laugh and sneer.

I think that was one key to the end of the Soviet Union.

If we can take that lesson, we are headed that way MAINLY because the "Organs of Propaganda" are now largely controlled. That is the key to our current battle. 

The free media are emerging like Samizdat emerged in the USSR. The hope (not certainty) is that our new Samizdat will penetrate and then flip the Organs of Propaganda. Google may demonetize conservative websites, but alternative advertising exchanges develop. YouTube may censor content, but Rumble emerges as a rapidly-growing alternative. Trump’s new social media venture, headed by Devin Nunes, a brilliant and tenacious seeker of the truth, awaits its debut.

I believe the radical left/crony billionaire class knows this. They certainly act as if they know it.

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