What to make of Biden secretly transporting illegal aliens into the US

Two days ago, the New York Post reported the following:

Under cover of darkness, every night the federal government is transporting illegal migrants as fast as it can away from the border on secret charter flights into unsuspecting communities around the country. Officials have lied and obstructed the few journalists who have tried to reveal the truth.

Rumble video screen grab.

Rumble video screebgrab

This has been an old Democrat project.

They begin by inviting illegal aliens either explicitly or implicitly through various public forums. 

They then allow numerous illegal aliens into the country by opening up the border.

Since these migrants are uneducated, unskilled, and impoverished, they depend on government welfare for their survival.  This makes them a permanent underclass who the Democrats think will be perennially subservient to them. 

Many of these migrants eventually are transferred to locations where Republicans traditionally win.  The Democrats know they can never convince conservatives to vote for their radical left-wing policies.  So they drown the impact of these resident voters by giving voting rights to a sufficient number of migrants to facilitate a Democrat win.

Soon they plan to have a permanent presence in the House, the Senate, and the White House. 

This has been successfully implemented in New York and California.  The result of this monopoly is that talentless and corrupt individuals such as AOC, Bill de Blasio, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and Gavin Newsom win elections and eventually become destructive forces.

The impact of these secret transfers will be felt a couple of decades later, by which time it is irreversible.

Hopefully, governors will react and prevent this travesty.

Democrat proponents of open borders may claim to be compassionate and humane, but it is at the cost of others.  Top Democrat leaders such as Obama and Pelosi live in gated affluent localities where a stranger would not even be allowed entry without documents and permission.

They choose working-class localities for migrants. 

Flooding any locality with numerous foreigners places an unfair burden on its infrastructure because the resources such as schools, hospitals, roads, parks, houses, and law enforcement are finite and directly proportional to tax-paying citizens in that area.

The fact that these migrants are not tested for COVID-19 makes them an additional risk and potential burden on the medical infrastructure.  They could cause lockdowns that hurt citizens.

These illegal migrants are often willing to work for meager remuneration.  This causes a depression of wages and unemployment for native workers.  This is why open borders were once termed a "right-wing scheme" by hardcore leftists like Bernie Sanders.  Sanders whistles a very different tune these days.

The perils of unvetted immigration from alien cultures can hardly be exaggerated.  Countries in Europe have witnessed an erosion of their cultures and a spike in the most heinous of crimes.  The social fabric undergoes considerable changes when religious fundamentalists among migrants commit brutal murders or honor killings in the name of fighting blasphemy.

Soon the place the citizen was born in and has lived all his life looks like a foreign land.

U.S. officials have recorded over 1.7 million illegal border crossings in the past year, the most since records began.  The actual record is much higher since there are numerous undetected crossings.

This surreptitious nightly transportation of illegal aliens should not come as a surprise.

If the Biden presidency has an overall theme, it is secrecy.

During his campaign, Biden seldom held rallies and was never subjected to tough, probing interviews; hence, his proposed policies or plans for the nation remained secret.  News of Biden's son's shady deals in Ukraine and China are suppressed by the media and kept a secret from voters.

Biden's swearing-in ceremony was done under lockdowns with armed forces guarding Washington, D.C. against regular people while only the likes of Tom Hanks and Lady Gaga were permitted to attend the secret coronation.

In the White House, Biden's activities remain a secret from regular people.  He seldom has many items on his daily calendar.  He rarely does unscripted pressers or interviews.  He frequently escapes to Delaware for holidays.  The transcripts of Biden's calls with foreign leaders are never published.  It has reached a point where leaders such as the president of Ukraine are issuing stern rebukes to Biden for his reckless claims.

His mercurial, listless, forgetful presentation leads citizens to wonder who is in charge.

But that mystery wrapped in a riddle is not likely to be resolved any time soon.

The Democrats' presumption that these migrants are a homogenous, subservient group who will be their permanent voter base could be gravely erroneous.

The modern Democrats are fervent advocates of radical feminism, abortion, gay "marriage," transgenderism, etc., which are generally despised by people of faith.  This will be reflected in their voting behavior.

Many migrants originate from communist or theocratic or totalitarian nations in South America, the Middle East, and Africa.  They have experienced how dictators destroy economies and suppress freedom to cause chaos.  When they notice the totalitarian proclivities of the Democrats, they are likely to be turned off.

The news media serve as a propaganda wing for the Democrats.  Whistleblowers who were once celebrated for their "bravery" and "patriotism" are now an extinct breed.  Various government and investigative agencies that are supposed to be apolitical have been compromised by the Washington Establishment.  Billionaires buy elections by "donating" to activist groups who infiltrate government election offices and manipulate the electoral outcomes.

To have an incapacitated, compromised, or disoriented leader who "wins" a rigged election but is merely a front for his sinister agenda-driven puppet masters is what usually occurs in third-world autocratic nations.

This certainly should not occur in one of the world's largest democracies.

The secret transfer of illegals is perhaps a rare instance when their nefarious activities were detected.  It isn't beyond the realm of probability that a lot more goes on behind the scenes that will never be known by the public and that will have a permanent impact.

If this isn't a national emergency, what is?

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