What happened to Ted Cruz?

I know from the volume of email I've received on it that Ted Cruz's comments on January 6, 2021, calling it "a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol," have outraged many conservatives.  Ted was once the darling of intellectually inclined conservatives, but I think the bloom is now off that rose.  

Tucker Carlson used video of Cruz's comments as the keystone of a segment on how Republicans are being cowardly and granting Democrats their false premises on the riot at the Capitol being an insurrection or even a "terrorist attack."  As Tucker put it, he was delivering talking points for Merrick Garland.

Rumble video screen grab.

Here is Tucker's brief segment:

So what could possibly have happened to Ted to turn him into a shill for Democrat talking points?

Is he feeling pressure over having protested voting results and fears being branded as an insurrectionist?  Maybe he thinks Mark Elias's scheme to disqualify Republicans from running for office is a real threat to him.  But he should know that appeasing the enemy does not work.

Has he been in the Senate too long and now wants to avoid confrontation with the Democrats?  "Comity" is the word that used to be used, but these days, the Democrats are offering none of it.  They want to destroy the filibuster to ram through voting procedures that would enable perpetual cheating with mail-in ballots being counted for days after the election.

My guess — and it is only speculation — is that he has given up on his quest to become president and now aspires to join the Supreme Court.  Perhaps he is thinking of confirmation assuming a Republican wins the presidency.  This would be his way of avoiding a charge of radicalism.

Whatever his reasoning, I am deeply disappointed in him.

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