We need to select the right president to clean up the American government

I have proposed a seven-year plan to take back our country that has already started. It is a battle of will and philosophy that is intensely engaged locally. It is hand-to-hand combat in a war of ideas. The first phase ends with the election of a Congressional majority that will take up the fight the people have defined.

With the battlefield defined and the goals outlined, the new Congress will have two years. The direction will have been determined, but it is still necessary to turn the ship. The people must apply continuous pressure from below. The congressional majority and its chosen leader will draw upon the omnipresent push from the people who support the agenda. We will be the source of their courage if they will accept it. Congressional courage may be a stretch, but that is the reason leadership must be focused and relentless, and we must hold them accountable.

The two-year congressional phase will change the direction of the federal government but not with legislation. It will be done by exposing those within government as bad actors who must be removed. It will take the full two years for the country to begin to realize that the people they have trusted are not trustworthy. They must be exposed, discredited, and removed with information and truth.

At the same time Congress is working, the next presidential campaign will be building momentum. Our presidential elections have become a continuous election season but, for the final two years of the campaign, the election becomes the only news. Every event is seen and reported only as it relates to the upcoming election.

The third and final phase of the plan begins the moment the new president takes the oath—at which time Congress should already have completed two years of preparation for the new administration.

The next president must be in line with the will of the people because they started this movement. They elected the new congressional majority and are the cheerleaders for the new direction. The president will use the people’s support and the power it gives. With the people and the congressional majority at his back, he can take on the corruption.

Image: The next president. Public domain image (edited).

There are a few qualifications for the new president to do this job of killing corruption. These are not the typical qualifications for an American president. These are unique qualifications for a different time. It will be a great challenge to find someone who meets these requirements. To be successful, the people must have forced changes to the election processes so that the president’s legitimacy will be unquestioned.

1. The new president must know without any doubt that what he is going to do is the right thing and that there is no cost too high for doing what must be done, and the Constitution and the rule of law must always be his guides.

2. The president needs to know that absolutely no one in Washington politics can be completely trusted.

3. He must decisively and without remorse ruin the lives of those whose wrongdoing he and Congress expose. Sympathy or empathy for corrupt political enemies is not part of this job.

4. He must be willing to purge those who are allied with corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. It must be an equal opportunity purge of the corrupt.

5. He will need the courage and willingness to publicly accuse people by name while citing the evidence of their corruption.

6. The president must be willing to do what must be done while knowing that he may have no political future, the media will hate him and run daily stories against him, schools will develop entire curricula denouncing his administration’s policies, and government employees will actively organize a true insurrection to have him removed.

7. Finally, the president must know who it is that elected him, know who it is that supports him as he purges corruption, and connect with his supporters directly in a personal way. He will draw his strength from them.

This plan turns our current governance upside down and back to the way it was originally intended. The power must come from the people with the leaders carrying out the people’s will. This plan requires a Congress and a President that know this and draw from that power.

That seven-point description describes the person needed. Everyone may have a name or two to put with these qualifications. The field of contenders is very small and there may be an unknown someone prepared by God to step up that may have already been called and is on the mission.

This has become a battle of survival. This is our moment in history to survive as a republic and return to the pattern of governance given to us by our framers. If we fail, our enemies will complete their takeover and we can lament what could have happened.

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