Watch for war

What do tyrants do when their ship is sinking or, more accurately, when they realize that their house of cards will not hold up?  They divert their populace by starting a war — or at least allowing one to happen.  War isn't simply a way of diverting attention, either.  The very fact of a war emergency makes it far easier to erode or negate whatever civil liberties still exist.  Think: PATRIOT Act.

Currently, war beckons in two places: the Russian-European border and the South China Sea and Taiwan.  I'm not saying that either Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping is an aggrieved party.  Both could conceivably become the Hitlers of the 21st century.

But ask yourself if the floundering, self-immolating Biden-Harris administration might not rejoice at the gargantuan pass it would get if Americans — including especially conservative Americans — must focus on a foreign enemy.  Gone would be the rightful concerns about vaccine madness, dementia, runaway inflation, Big Tech/mass media fascism, corrupt education unions, failing Democrat cities, ginned up racial hatred, attacks on the Second Amendment, the federalization of elections, a corrupt FBI and DOJ, election fraud, the Russia Hoax, parental rights and school boards, an open southern border, and on and on.

Biden (and Harris, if there's room) will wrap themselves snugly in the flag, and all will be forgiven.  For a time.  But the theft of civil liberties will make a "comeback" highly unlikely for freedom.  The Uniparty will own everything.

Image: The Marines in Fallujah, 2004.  This picture shows Gunnery Sergeant Ryan P. Shane trying to rescue Marine Sergeant Lonny Wells, who was fatally wounded, only to be shot himself.  Shane survived but at a terrible cost.  Public domain.

Remember Obama/Holder's plan to centralize/federalize all local police forces?  War panic paves the way for that.  What about the new push to federalize all elections and rip away states' authority?  Again, a good war panic, just like the COVID panic, will make it happen.  And you can't beat war for nationalizing industries.  What better way to transform America than a national emergency even better than COVID?

So watch what this administration does in the next weeks and months — and doesn't do — to ward off the prospect of war.  Watch too the outcome of such war (hint: with what we saw in Afghanistan, we may not win).

Spoiler alert: Nothing catalyzes governmental, economic, and social change in a country quite like military defeat.  So an urgent message to those still with a shred of patriotism in our leadership: You do not want to go to war under the banner — or at the direction — of this repugnant administration.

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