Tucker Carlson was on fire about Ukraine and America's own border

I had planned to write a rather laborious post about the madness of the administration's push to go to war in Ukraine (because an ignominious defeat in Afghanistan was insufficient), along with tossing in some analogies to what's happening on America's southern border.  Then I sat down to watch Tucker Carlson and realized that he had done the work for me.  Most of what I intended to write instantly became redundant and less interesting.

So here's the video, which I'll follow with a couple of comments of my own:

Regarding Ukraine, the one thing Tucker doesn't acknowledge is that, back in the 1990s, Clinton got Ukraine to give up the nuclear weapons it had from the days of the Soviet occupation, in exchange for an American promise to protect it from Russia.  We, therefore, do have some obligation to Ukraine.

The problem is that nobody ever thought we'd have to fulfill that promise.  And certainly, had Trump still been in the White House, we wouldn't have had our chit called in.  The reason Russia is on Ukraine's doorstep is that Putin fully understands that Biden is weak.  We've reached this point of almost no good options because we are now as vulnerable as a newborn lamb being stalked by a pack of wolves.

However, our own Matt Rowe has come up with a decent idea for defusing the situation on the border, protecting Ukraine, and allowing Russia to pull back feeling it got the benefit of a good bargain and was not forced into a retreat.  Whether intelligent negotiation will still work remains to be seen.

Image: Tucker Carlson (edited in befunky).  YouTube screen grab.

Regarding the issue of our own border, Tucker sums it up very well.  My only question — and it's one that shows my complete ignorance about federal law and standing — is why no one has sued Biden for violating America's border laws to the detriment of every American.  Thanks to his policies, we're less safe (cartels, drugs, criminals, diseases) and more poor (the taxpayer funds he's expended on them plus the jobs they take from Americans).  Biden's constitutional responsibility is to enforce the laws, not to rewrite them to the point of ignoring them.

At the very least, what Biden has done strikes me as being the perfect basis for impeachment once a new, Republican-dominated Congress is seated.  It just remains to be seen whether Republicans have the courage to do so and whether, if they do, people like Mitt Romney will stand up for what's right or give Biden a pass for his truly grotesque and criminal malfeasance while in office.

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