Toxic Democrat beliefs

We throw massive amounts of money at public schools, and test results aren't good, so the solution is to stop testing to hide the truth.

There are "too many" Asians in gifted programs, so the solution is to cancel the gifted programs.

Vouchers helped the poor and minorities have better opportunities to get a better education, and the Democrat solution is to block vouchers.  They certainly don't want competition for their political supporters, the teachers' unions.

When minorities don't get good grades or test scores, they are told it is not their fault.  They have been oppressed since birth because of their color.  They are told that their poor results are because of systemic racism and that people of another color succeed because they have "white privilege."  In other words, they are indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory.  Minority children are probably confused that some white people are poor and not as smart as they are, since they were born racists and privileged.  We should do a study of all the stupid white politicians and journalists to see where the "white privilege" gene didn't work.

Children are at a very low risk of getting seriously ill from COVID, yet we locked them out, canceled sports, caused them to socially distance, and forced them to wear masks.  It is not a surprise that so much mental, physical, and financial damage has been caused to the children, whom the media and other Democrats pretend to care about.

"Too many" Asians score high on college entrance exams, so many high-cost colleges race-normed the scores to intentionally discriminate against people of no color (the colorless? the transparent?).  Since the colleges have been called out for the discrimination, their new solution is to stop looking at test scores so they can subjectively discriminate.

Is it any wonder that we are falling academically so far behind other countries when supposedly intelligent people are doing so much to dumb down society?

It is causing great damage, short- and long-term, to women and girls to have men compete with them in sports, so why are Democrats so silent?  I do not mind transgender people competing on Jeopardy or The Voice, but males shouldn't be allowed to dominate women in sports.  A person with a penis should also not be allowed to expose himself in girls' locker rooms and health facilities.  I thought journalists and other Democrats cared about women's rights and privacy, but I guess not.

The government throws massive amounts of money at colleges, and the results are exactly what you would think.  The prices have skyrocketed and debt ballooned.  The Democrat solution is not to lower costs or stop throwing money at the greedy colleges.  Nope, it is to have other people, the taxpayers, pay the debt.  The results will be more debt and higher costs.

Democrats elect leftist D.A.s supported by radical leftist George Soros.  Then those D.A.s let career criminals roam the streets, and crime skyrockets.  I wonder what went wrong!

Politicians pass laws to get rid of cash bail and to simply excuse small thefts like shoplifting and crime, and shoplifting skyrockets.  What a surprise!

For years, cops have been trashed and called racists.  The media and others spread a false narrative: "hands up, don't shoot."  It is no surprise that so many cops are injured and killed by criminals when the narrative has been intentionally misleading.

Biden immediately stopped enforcing immigration laws that Congress passed.  The result was massive illegal immigration, more gang members, more illegal guns, more illegal drugs like fentanyl infecting the public.  The result is more crime and skyrocketing drug overdoses and deaths.  Biden, the Democrats, and most journalists don't even visit the border, and there is very little reporting on the problem.  The Democrats clearly don't care about the disastrous results of their open border policy.

The Great Society and anti-poverty programs are meant to keep the people dependent on the government to mask poverty, not reduce it.  The programs essentially encouraged the breakup of the family, and one of the greatest indicators of who will end up on poverty is single-parent households

Trump's low-tax, smaller-government policies, which the media and other Democrats fought against every step of the way, reduced poverty to record lows by giving everyone an opportunity to move up the economic ladder.

Trump's energy policies gave the U.S. energy independence and reasonable prices, so Biden reversed those policies as soon as he took office, and prices skyrocketed.  This especially harms the poor and middle class, whom Democrats pretend to care about.

Trump's lower tax rates across the board have achieved great revenue increases for the government, so why are the Democrats so anxious to raise rates?

Why are Democrats so anxious to demolish policies that worked?  Why do most journalists support policies that give us the worst results?

I would challenge anyone to name Biden policies that are meant to make the private sector grow versus making the government more powerful.  The list would be extremely short.  I can't think of any.

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