There’s a reason for the chaos that controls within the Democrat party

It’s obvious that the Democrats are in trouble. We see it with the tumbling poll numbers, the failed bills, and the growing number of incumbent Democrat politicians who are refusing to run against for office this November. All those things reflect the Democrats’ failure to govern. But there’s something interesting about that failure. As Daniel Greenfield explains, without Trump Derangement Syndrome to hold leftists together—to be their raison d'être—they’ve got nothing.

I don’t usually write a post simply to tell you to read someone else’s article. However, when it comes to Daniel Greenfield’s “Waking Up After a Trump Derangement Syndrome Overdose,” I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring it to your attention. Greenfield’s point is that, even more than leftist ideas, what held Democrats together over the last five years and provided the fuel that powered their engines was Trump Derangement Syndrome. In an echo of Groucho Marx’s turn as Professor Wagstaff in Horse Feathers singing “Whatever it is, I’m against it,” the Democrats were able to take a stand by opposing Trump, whether it was his personality or his policies.

Now, though, says Greenfield, they’ve got...nothing:

This cult of anti-personality unified the party, enabling its radicals to adopt policies that were as insane as they were incomprehensible, from police defunding to critical race theory to lockdowns, and the elevation of two politicians, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who are short on palatable personalities, riding on the coattails of a program to militarize the capital, federalize elections, pack the Supreme Court, add two states, and usher in a virtual dictatorship.

There was only one problem with their plan: President Trump was no longer in the White House.

The systemic shock from that reality is still setting in. Gallup reports a swing from a heavy nine point Democrat party preference to a "rare five-point Republican edge ". The swing, “among the largest Gallup has measured for each party in any quarter”, parallels the massive collapse of Biden’s approval ratings, the 90% drop in CNN’s ratings, and similar declines among the media.

They’re all interrelated.

The Democrats and their media are waking up from a Trump Derangement Syndrome overdose. After years of getting high on hate, they’re crashing down to earth.


The dirty secret of leftists is that they’re much better at being against things than for them.

They’re much more plausible critics of capitalism than defenders of socialism. Ask them what’s wrong with corporations and they can make a thousand movies, but inquire how exactly their alternative economic system is supposed to overcome human nature, and they spout nonsense.

Black Lives Matter and its radical allies built an entire mythology around police abuses, but their assertion of alternatives to the criminal justice system makes even the media roll its eyes.

The Left is fantastic at attacking individuals and institutions, but then the time arrives when it has to make good on its plan for an alternative to the economy, the police, the military, the nuclear family, sex, art and whatever other basic element of humanity it seeks to replace.

And that’s when the horror sets in.

Image by Andrea Widburg using public domain images of Biden and Schumer, and a screen grab of Pelosi.

I highly recommend that you read the entire article because it will make you feel a bit more optimistic about events in America. For four years, Democrats played the “destroy Trump” game splendidly well and very successfully. That made it possible to believe that they might implement socialism just as successfully. However, as Greenfield explains, it’s easy to destroy and hard to rebuild. And frankly, America is probably strong enough to manage with some of the old institutions in tatters. (Public education, for example, has been exposed and that’s a good thing.)

What America cannot recover from is an entirely shiny new, fully socialist infrastructure. The only way things go after that is the Venezuela way. However, if Daniel Greenfield is correct, the Democrat party, untethered to Trump hatred, is too incompetent to make real socialism happen. (Thank God!)

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