The UVA medical center gives an unvaccinated man a possible death sentence

Shamgar Connors, a Virginia resident, has Stage 5 kidney failure and has been on the transplant waiting list at the University of Virginia's Transplant Center for two years.  However, he's been told he's no longer eligible for a transplant because he hasn't been vaccinated.  Although the Center's rule does not comport with developing science, it certainly reflects the dominant attitude in America's medical centers.

There are a lot of facts that need to be woven together to fully understand what's happening to Shamgar.  I'll start with more general facts and then work my way to specific ones:

One: For someone with Stage 5 kidney failure, the choices are limited: dialysis, which cannot maintain the kidneys forever, or a kidney transplant, which gives the patient a new lease on life.  Taking someone off the kidney transplant list is tantamount to imposing a death sentence on him.

Two: The CDC has finally conceded that naturally acquired immunity offered stronger protection against the delta variant than the vaccines did.

Three: There's evidence out of the U.K. that, when it comes to the omicron variant, the vaccines actually make people more, not less, vulnerable to ending up in the hospital.

Four: The CDC has conceded that immunity is no longer a possibility with the vaccine.  Instead, there's now a constantly moving target that will be defined only as "being up to date."  It's been clear for months that the vaccine does not protect people from catching or spreading COVID, although before omicron appeared, there was evidence that it lessened the chances of hospitalization.

Those are the facts you must keep in mind as you consider Shamgar's plight, which I've gathered from correspondence with Shamgar, interviews he's done, and the audio-recording, below, of his call with his health care provider.

Image: Shamgar Connors.  YouTube screen grab.

Shamgar currently requires 12 hours of dialysis every 24 hours, which is accomplished at night.  He's been on a transplant list with the University of Virginian Transplant Center for two years.  As his GoFundMe page explains, he's already had COVID, so we know he has natural immunity.

Because Shamgar is in a physically fragile state, both he and his wife (a nurse) are afraid that he could suffer serious outcomes from the vaccine.  Even the VAERS system, which is known for underreporting vaccine reactions, shows the vaccine has a bad track record when it comes to serious health consequences.

To recap: Shamgar is naturally immune, the vaccines don't work to prevent people from getting COVID, and the vaccinations are very risky for him.  Those are facts.

Nevertheless, Shamgar's health care provider matter-of-factly told him that, while he's technically on the list, he cannot get a transplant because of his unvaccinated status.  This change in status can be a death sentence for him.

Virginia is a state that allows one party to a conversation to record the conversation, so that's what Shamgar did.  The conversation is illuminating:

Admittedly, this phone call occurred before data from Scotland showed that the vaccine is not only ineffective against omicron but also makes vaccinated people more vulnerable.  However, there's no indication that these new data have changed the transplant center's stance.  The Fauci-science has spoken, and no more can ever be said.  The fact that the Fauci-science has changed weekly, and that establishment voices have consistently been wrong, is irrelevant.

Here's the general deal about most doctors (and this is not directed at the woman on the call, about whom I know nothing, including her name): (a) they're all college graduates, which means that those who graduated within the last 20 years or so are almost certainly indoctrinated leftists; (b) they're herd animals and mostly avoid original thought, fearing that it will make them vulnerable to malpractice suits; and (c) they're utterly dependent on Medicare and Medicaid, which means they will always march only to the government's drumbeat.

That last point means that, without people's realizing it, America effectively became a country with single-payer (or socialized) medicine.  Doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies all dance to the government's tune — and the Fauci-led government medical system is going to make all take the vaccine even if it kills them.

Shamgar is considering legal action, and you can help fund that effort here.

You can see interviews with Shamgar here and here.

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