The system is set up for hospitals to profit from COVID

If you had a financial incentive to do something that wasn't exactly honest, would you abandon your principles and take the cash?  Apparently, that's what many medical providers and hospitals in America have been doing, especially since the beginning of the Biden administration.  The numbers are staggering — both in money hospitals took in and the very real possibility that their actions caused people to die.  If the accusations are true, what happened is truly evil and, I think, points directly to a cause: the removal of God and morality from society, replacing these brakes with what passes for modern life — disconnected, social media-driven, selfish, me-first living, with no real accountability.  If you see "everyone" acting a certain way, who, after all, are you to buck the system?  Besides, you're accountable to the Board, or the stockholders, first and foremost!

This is as old a story as humanity.  Losing the strong moral code that should underlie our lives opens the door to saying, "Well, that's a gray area, and I won't think too much about it, and anyway, everyone's doing it this way."  This was forcibly borne upon me because a good friend sent me an article that illuminates in a precise and fact-driven way what is going on and allows us to see exactly how evil aspects of our modern medical system have become.  I'll summarize the article here, but I urge you to read it yourself.

If you're unlucky enough to need a hospital procedure, step one is a free COVID test.  Of course, the government pays the hospital a fee for this "free" test.  If the test is positive, the hospital gets another fee.  No matter that the patient was in for appendicitis.  The COVID rewards continue with more money for admission — 20% more on the entire bill if they give you Remdesivir rather than ivermectin and a big booster payment for ventilation.  The list goes on.

Image: Money by jcomp.  Freepik license.

Remdesivir, Tony Fauci's drug of choice, is harmful and sometimes a killer, and they know it.  It causes severe side effects in the majority of patients.  Besides long-term kidney and liver failure, the death rate using it exceeds 50%.  Doctors stopped using it for Ebola in Africa for this reason, yet we mandate it as the drug of choice — even when ivermectin has proven far more efficacious and has virtually no side effects.  Hospitals get paid very well to administer Remdesivir.  Then there's the ventilator, itself a killer.  Look at the article — the numbers these mechanical breathing devices kill are staggering.

On top of this, there's apparently quite an incentive to have deaths from COVID in the hospital — to the point where such mundane human needs as nutrition, hydration, etc. are often denied to the patients.  In case you didn't know, this is all based on something called the Complete Lives System, a socialist treatment protocol developed by none other than Ezekiel Emanuel, meant for his theory of rationing medical care for those "too old" to be of value.

The Cares Act was made law just after Biden took office.  If you look at it, you'll understand why Congress never reads the bills it passes.  Ferreting out anything from that morass is next to impossible.  I thank those who have brought it forth.  It outlines all these profitable protocols and also, apparently, codifies certain waivers of patient rights outlined a month earlier, here.  Here's a sample ("CMS" is the "Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services"):

CMS is waiving the requirements at 42 CFR §482.13(g) (1)(i)-(ii), which require that hospitals report patients in an intensive care unit whose death is caused by their disease, but who required soft wrist restraints to prevent pulling tubes/IVs, no later than the close of business on the next business day. Due to current hospital surge, CMS is waiving this requirement to ensure that hospitals are focusing on increased patient care demands and increased patient census, provided any death where the restraint may have contributed is still reported within standard time limits (i.e., close of business on the next business day following knowledge of the patient's death).

If that doesn't give you the chills, nothing will.  Imagine you're alone — no visitors allowed, after all, in times of COVID — restrained, invaded, intubated, and dying.  Nobody's paying attention, or even attending to your basic needs for nourishment and fluids.  Now nobody even has to report it.

The AAPS article finishes starkly.  It turns out that there's even a financial incentive for coroners to declare a death is from COVID.  Finally, the article pleads with readers to take the necessary steps to avoid a COVID hospitalization.  For myself, I have my unopened package of antivirals from America's Frontline Doctors, and you'd better believe I'll use it if I ever get the virus.

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